The councilor of the island PSOE Ignacio Bermejo, seventh deputy mayor in the City of San Fernando and delegate of the Sustainable Development area, has advocated on social networks for not allowing "the exercise of communication to fall into private hands" and because communication – the so-called Fourth Power – is manage "through a state-devised apparatus."

Image: Cádiz newspaper.

According to the socialist councilor, the system is obsolete and for information to be "pure, authentic, indisputable and credible" it would have to leave private hands to pass on to the state through "a system, similar to the judicial system, with its national communication council, which will ensure the veracity of the information, control it and prevent it from being tinged with any political color »

ignacio bermejo wants to control the media statements ignacio bermejo psoe

Given these serious statements, the spokesman for the Municipal Group and deputy for Cádiz in Congress, Carlos Zambrano, has spoken on this matter, describing as unfortunate the text published by Councilman Mr. Bermejo.

Zambrano has affirmed that the attitude of a PSOE that imposes its political control in the directions of the CIS, RTVE and the EFE Agency, is absolutely inadmissible, which aims to cover its incompetence by distributing 15 million euros to some media in the middle of the Pandemic, which has imposed controls to the questions and press conferences of the President of the Government,… and that, in this case, at the The municipal government allows itself nothing less than to charge against the press in general, pretending to defend censorship and state control of information.

For Zambrano, although Mr. Bermejo has erased the text, what happened today shows that this PSOE has already faced the path towards totalitarianism at all levels, in the wake of that communism that sustains it in power and that brought so much suffering to Spain in the past.

We demand his immediate resignation or cessation.

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