Cádiz, October 20, 2020. Carlos Zambrano will bring to the Congress of Deputies the painful situation in which the police and civil guards who provide their service in the province of Cádiz find themselves, after knowing first-hand the claims that JUCIL and JUSAPOL have put on the table in the meeting that the deputy and the Andalusian parliamentarian, Angela Mulas have held urgently this Sunday.

“In the last six months the situation in Cádiz has become unsustainable and our province has become a lawless territory, where criminal organizations are becoming stronger in the face of the impotence of our police and civil guard who are left to their fate by the worst government of democracy ”, denounced the VOX deputy.

Zambrano also lamented that in addition to the famous "collisions" with official vehicles, such as the one that occurred in Algeciras a little over a month ago and in which an inspector was seriously injured, and whose frequency is increasing to the point of occurring almost daily, attacks on our security agents also abound that are out of service, the attempts to run over them in the performance of their services and the considerable increase in the use of firearms in the different actions carried out by the men and women of our bodies and security forces.

For its part, Ángela Mulas, wanted to highlight that this problem not only affects the agents of the FCSE, in the exercise of their functions, but that this matter also affects citizens which is not exempt from suffering them, as has already been detected in areas such as Campo de Gibraltar, the Northwest Coast or some localities in the Sierra de Cádiz, where the abuses and collisions with citizens who simply pass by are increasing, according to the data provided by JUCIL-JUSAPOL, and there are kidnappings, shootings, extortion, settling accounts between the different clans.

Zambrano and Mulas have agreed that it is necessary for the administrations, especially the state one, to take action on the matter, and provide more tools and resources to our Security Forces and Corps destined in the province to lower the crime rates that have skyrocketed in recent months.

"We cannot allow criminal organizations to believe that it is easy to commit this type of crime here", has harshly criticized Zambrano.

Faced with this critical situation denounced by JUCIL and JUSAPOL During the meeting, Carlos Zambrano will register a question in Congress to find out why the interior has not yet released the budget for the province and demand its application urgently so that our agents can carry out their work with the appropriate and necessary means to combat to mafias and organized crime.

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