San Fernando, October 14, 2020. – The spokesperson for the Municipal Group of VOX in the City of San Fernando, Carlos Zambrano, has requested a copy of the file of the Villamaruja dog park, as well as its processing and the project, to know, first hand, what have been the circumstances that have led the government team to change the location of the park at the last minute, without making it known even to the neighbors affected.

The mayor has described as "Botched" the execution of this park whose location "It has fallen among the neighbors like a jug of cold water". It should be remembered that, at first, it was projected in a nearby area with a municipal fence, but, finally, it has been chosen to install it on the fences of the houses, "Creating a logical malaise among residents in the area" explains the VOX spokesperson. To this is added that the anchoring of the metal perimeter of the park has been made to the walls of the houses, whose owners did not know anything about its installation.

In addition, “it further complicates the situation that within the dog park there is a wastewater pumping station which the Hidralia fleet cannot access to carry out the necessary work. A decision that, apparently, seems to have been made at the last minute, due to the footprints in the grass from a first attempt to leave the EBAR outside the enclosure”Explains Zambrano.

Finally, mayor has denounced, once again, the "unnecessary" policy carried out by the municipal government, chaired by Patricia Cavada, who "far from assessing whether it is the right time to make this type of expenditure by the local administration, acts on the spur of the moment without considering the consequences”, He concludes.

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