San Fernando, July 26, 2020. Vox warned of the poor state of access to the beach, and despite that, there were falls and accidents, one of them seriously. Vox warned of the state of the sewerage and sanitation network, and the collapse of the streets is now joined by a serious failure in the conduct of sewage.

VOX called for speed in the arrangements of market places, and the forklift in San Antonio still does not work, its upper floor is still unusable, and in the Central Market Square, the fish retailers still do not have adequate positions. First they were sinks without drains or electrical installations that jumped because they were badly located, now there are leaks to the underground parking and the need for job changes and new works. To all this are added the noise and vibrations of the tram and its accidents with vehicles.

And already, in what seems like sarcasm, we see that in social networks there are complaints that range from tree roots that sneak into buildings, dirt and bad smells to the absence of litter bins on Casería beach, which apparently are going to be acquired by popular subscription in the face of municipal incompetence.

Meanwhile, the mayor carries out unrealistic budgets, with the interested support of the Citizens councilors, drawn up before the pandemic, and without admitting a suggestion from the opposition or entities.

To this, join the lack of attention to the polygons, and to the city itself, to which absurd projects are promised, turning their backs on the reality of everyday life. The cañaillas only want work with which to support their families with dignity, good services, and security for their future. The mayor, from her pedestal, looks away.

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