San Fernando, November 24, 2020. – Carlos Zambrano has called for a "renewal plan for the tourism sector" based on a tax reduction, also on the reduction of VAT, and on a global plan that promotes domestic tourism and restores the volume of flights.

The VOX deputy has warned that the negative balance of the summer season with a fall of almost 80% in the billing of the province's agencies, joins the decapitalization derived from the deposits delivered to the airlines and not returned, as well as the fact that the agencies are supporting workers who have had difficulties to collect during the ERTEs.

Faced with this alarmingly serious situation, many agencies will be forced to file bankruptcy and others will inevitably close their businesses losing everything they have obtained thanks to the effort of years of work, the VOX deputy lamented.

To conclude, Zambrano has announced that his Parliamentary Group will register an initiative in the Congress of Deputies to demand that the government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias prevent the dire future that arises in the travel sales sector in Spain from becoming reality and there is a massacre not only at the level of company closures, but also at the loss of employment in a province such as Cádiz that has already been in the UCI for decades due to the inability of different governments to promote job creation and attraction investment.

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