Algeciras, August 12, 2020. Carlos Zambrano has announced that his parliamentary group will take to the Congress of Deputies a battery of proposals to promote tourism in the Campo de Gibraltar.

The VOX deputy for Cádiz regretted that tourism is developing in the Campo de Gibraltar at two speeds and that the clearest example is found in areas such as Tarifa, known internationally for its beaches and as a meeting point for practicing water sports such as Windsurfing or KiteSurfing or Sotogrande known for its Polo competitions or its marina, which represent an important attraction for tourism, compared to towns such as Algeciras, La Línea or Los Barrios, which only star in the news about citizen insecurity, mafias or illegal immigration when they have to offer the visitor a rich natural, gastronomic and cultural heritage, unknown to many.

Another clear example of these two speeds can be seen in the nightlife establishments of Algeciras, which during the summer months are forced to close due to a lack of leisure offer at the local level that makes the population of Algeciras emigrate to have fun. to the neighboring town of Tarifa, or with the hotel and tourist accommodation establishments that live based on the occupation of the neighboring town, that is, if Tarifa is full, Algeciras receives visitors, if the city of Guzmán el Bueno does not hang the Algeciras is not attractive to visitors, because among other reasons, tourists are unaware of the city's cultural and leisure offer.

Zambrano recalled that the Campo de Gibraltar has two natural parks, the Parque Natural del Estrecho and Los Alcornocales, as well as an important archaeological heritage such as the ruins of Baelo Claudia or those of Carteia in San Roque, a wonderful cultural legacy where Flamenco occupies a prominent place, important artists such as Paco de Lucía (Algeciras), or Corruco de Algeciras, who revolutionized fandango in the first half of the 20th century, have come from here.

On the other hand, Zambrano wanted to highlight the exquisite and varied gastronomy of the region and the great effort that entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector make to present high quality dishes in which tradition and innovation coexist.

In addition, the VOX deputy has called on the rest of the competent administrations (Junta de Andalucía, Diputación, Mancomunidad del Campo de Gibraltar and city councils) to row in favor of promoting tourism in a region that has been severely punished by the negative news they make reference to problems of crime and insecurity.

"We all have the obligation to turn this situation around, and launch this region that has great potential to become a natural, cultural and business tourist destination."

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