Zidane: "Before Arsenal we want to keep getting good feelings"

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NEWS | 07/22/2019 | Javier García (Washington)

"We are going to play against a team that has played more games than we do and we should do our best," he added.

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room of the Audi Field the day before the second game of Real Madrid in the International Champions Cup. The coach analyzed the game against Arsenal, which will be played on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (01:00 Spanish, Realmadrid TV): “In our first game there were very good things. We have to think about tomorrow's game and do exactly the same. We know that we are going to play against a team that has more games. We continue with the preparation and with the intention of having more good feelings and doing my best in this second game. ”

“We know that Arsenal has played more games than us, but the important thing is our feelings. We want to play like the other day, try to have possession of the ball and risk as little as possible without the ball. You have to get sensations and make it a good game. ”

Did you misunderstand your words with Bale?

“That is the problem. Sometimes my Spanish is a bit liante. I will try to be very clear. In the first place, I have not disrespected anyone and less a player. I always said the same thing: players are the most important. Every time there is a player here I will always be with him. Secondly, what he said the other day is that the club was trying to leave. And third, the other day was not changed Gareth Because he didn't want to. He said the club is trying to get out and that's why it wasn't changed. Gareth is a player of Real Madrid, he will train normally today and we will see what will happen tomorrow. ”


“He knows where he is. He is a boy who is training very well and is not afraid to play. He likes to play and is good. As he said, all the players here are important, it's normal. Here we are for the preparation of our season and for now Kubo is with us. He is training, the other day he played and I don't think about what will happen next. We will return to Madrid and see what happens. ”


"The position of Rodrygo It is the extreme right and there will play tomorrow. We are in preparation and we will see when we return to Madrid what happens. We are training well, we try to do well and we are prepared. What we want is to play a good game tomorrow and try to win. ”

Bale asked not to play tomorrow?

No, he will train normally today and we'll see what happens tomorrow. You know the situation. The club is doing what it has to do and that's it. Bale He is a squad player today and I respect that. It seems to me the most important thing. ”

Does Bale's presence bother you?

"Not at all. I have to respect the players. He is with us, he will train and do the same as others. I will count on him in whatever we do. ”

Its popularity in the United States

“It means that in my player stage I have been important and people show me their love. Always is good. The players are the most important. People want to see the players. ”


“Yes, he is still a player of Real Madrid. I do not know what will happen. You know the situation and we will see what happens. I have a template here and I focus on the players I have here, it's logical. We will try to make a good game tomorrow. ”

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