Zidane: "Going back to our stadium is a joy"

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NEWS | 08/23/2019 | Alberto Navarro | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

"We have to think about repeating what we did in Vigo and going to more," added the coach of Real Madrid.

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room of the Ciudad Real Madrid the day before the match against Valladolid. The white coach analyzed the first meeting of the season at the stadium Santiago Bernabeu (Saturday, 7:00 p.m.; Movistar LaLiga): “We will have several sensations. The first is illusion after almost 100 days without playing at home. Going back to our stadium is a joy and the players are very happy to play again in the Bernabeu with our hobby. "

“People want to see their team do things well and win. We want to give the possibility that our fans are happy in every game. They know what they have lived here. They have lived very nice things and we want people to enjoy their team. ”


“It is not a cheat match. Today there is no small rival in football. The League has started well and is a brave team that wants to do things well. They will come with that intention, but we have to repeat what we did in Vigo and go to more ”.

The clauses of fear

“I don't control this. The important thing is the rules and what can happen between the clubs. Now that rule has changed. Players can play and we have to accept that. We can't think of other things. ”

Keylor Navas

“He is a player of Real Madrid. It is important, it always has been and it will be. I do not contemplate the possibility of his departure. I know it will contribute a lot and it will be very competitive. He hasn't told me he wants to leave. He is here, he wants to play, be with us and show that he is very good, like the others. It is the most important thing for a coach. He has always been and always will be a professional. The outside can not control it. We will have many games and I will count on him. I just think about having Keylor"


"Bale He played a good game in Vigo. On the offensive side and also did a good defensive job. He and we all must continue along that line to grow more and do important things. All players are important. They work, have quality and want to play. I will have all the players. What has changed is that the player is going to stay and the important thing is that the player wants to stay. We will count on him and he has shown that he is an important. Now he has to prove it again. ”


“The player is equally good. Play soccer very well. He has returned after his time in Germany and will count like the others. We are glad he is here and he is here and back to Real Madrid. There are many games and we will have all the players. ”

The expulsion of Modric in Vigo

“He did not intend to harm the rival and that is the important thing. He is a clean player and we know it, but this can happen. It was not his intention. ”


“I think only of tomorrow's game and it's the only thing we all think of in the club. Nothing else. The players I have are the ones here. I only care about tomorrow's game. Until September 2, everything can happen in all clubs. There may be arrivals and departures, but I ask that day 2 arrive so that you do not ask me these questions. The players who are here want to be here. They have a contract and possibilities to play. They want to be important in this template. We'll see the rest. ”


“We want the best for the player, both the coaches and the club. It is the decision that has been taken and I hope it will do well in Mallorca and grow ”.

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