Zidane: "In the second part we play with heart and dedication"

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NEWS | 10/01/2019 | Javier Vazquez

"I am left with the reaction of the players because they are the ones who changed the game," said the coach.

The coach of Real Madrid appeared in the press room of Santiago Bernabeu after the first home game of the season in the Champions. Zidane He said: “The reality is that we did a bad first half, we entered the game very badly the first 5 minutes, they immediately put us in difficulty. We didn't control anything and in the second one it was different, with another attitude, and we changed the game. I keep the reaction of the players because they are the ones who changed the game. I keep that and the point. ”

“The rival can get you in trouble. We knew the three fast players that have up, but the problem is when they score a goal, they grow. It was the first time they came to play here and ran from corner to corner and back and forth. In football you have to be focused from minute one and we do not enter the first part well. In the second everything has changed, we play with heart, with delivery and in the opposite field. I don't think Vormer's expulsion has changed anything, I don't know how long they played with 10, eight or ten minutes, nothing more. ”

Goals conceded

“The first two goals that got us are laughing, nothing more. That can happen, what happened in the first part. We know what is the Champions, we wanted to add the 3 points from minute one to ninety and in the first part it was not possible. The second part we won 2-0 and in the end we got a point. ”

In our field we have to go for the game from minute one.

"I am not worried. We know that we have to create and score the chances because in the first 10 minutes, being a little more successful, the first goal could have been scored. It's what we have to do in our field, go for the game from minute one and annoy the opponent. I do not want to speak badly of the rival, but if we put pressure as in the second part, they do not exist ”.


"Courtois It's wrong, he couldn't continue the second part. He is the goalkeeper of Real Madrid, With Areola. Everyone can comment and I will not go into that. We have to be all prepared as in the last three games. I am not worried. Courtois He also wants to do it well and it's about that. The second part was better and I keep that. In the first part we can blame Courtois, but here we are all, me first. It's what we did and I am the first responsible. "


"Luckily we have had the reaction and I keep that. In football there are two times and at the break I told the players: if we continue like this we lose the game, but we have 45 minutes to change it, and the players changed it" .

Message from Ramos in networks

“I agree with what he says Sergio. It is what they did in the second part. I prefer to keep the second part like them and forget the first, but we must reflect on the first and that is what we are going to do. ”


"James Y Bale They were both touched. Here they are all essential. I have 25 players and I have to count on everyone, but they were both touched and we didn't risk. Today Nacho it has hurt itself Courtois it is less, and we will see the others. ”

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