Zidane: "In the second part we were better and the game changed"

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NEWS | 01/18/2020 | Rodrigo Salamanca

"Offensively we can make a difference with any player," explained the Madrid coach.

Zinedine Zidane analyzed in the press room of Santiago Bernabeu the victory against Sevilla (2-1). The technician of Real Madrid He explained: “We have lacked legs in the first part because in the second half we were better pressing up. Sevilla is a team that if you let him play they are good. In the second part we were much better and the game changed. "

“We know what we had to do and we were convinced of our pressure, especially in our field. We have to be happy because we have turned the game around. ”


“I'm happy because his two goals are not usual and I'm happy for him. Offensively we can make a difference with any player. Especially in the first one, in which he leaves the second line. I am happy for their goals and the game shows what we have done in the second half. ”

Physical training

“Physical preparation is a fundamental part today. The players are machines and have to be well prepared physically. Today's game has had a higher speed and we were prepared. We work to be well physically. The second part was better with the ball. ”

Today's game has had a higher speed and we were prepared.

"Militão He is a player of the future and of the present too. He does quite well, he is young. He has to learn, but he does many things in the field. We are happy with all the players we have. "


“I saw the play of the first goal. It is a block, there is a lack. The referee goes to the VAR and fouls. In the second one there is no hand and there is a hand because I saw it. I can not explain it. I do not enter to value in the things that happen in the field. Sometimes it happens against you and sometimes for your benefit. It's a complicated job, but they are the ones who decide. "

"It's a complicated game for everyone. What we have to think about is that we play against a very good opponent, but the end result is logical because of what has happened in the field. The problem of what Monchi says is his responsibility. I am not who to say if he was right. What he said seems a bit strong. ”

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