Zidane: "It was a very nice team goal, and I'm happy for the players"

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NEWS | 06/28/2020 | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba (Barcelona)

"This league is difficult and contested and we know it will be decided at the end of the season," said the coach.

Zinedine Zidane He was satisfied in the RCDE Stadium press room after the victory against Espanyol. On the move that decided the match, the coach said: "I think the most beautiful goal is this, because it is the most present and the good thing is that it is a team move. It is a launch of Marcelo to Sergio Ramos, which goes very well upside down, control Karim and heel. Casemiro Know what Benzema can invent something and it is what happened. It is a very nice team goal and I am happy for all the players. It was not an easy match against a team that defended very well with two lines of four and in the end we got all three points ”.

"Benzema He is an impressive player and it is demonstrated every game. They have been here for 11 years and we enjoy their quality. A player improves always and every year he can improve and that is what is happening to him. He has a very good age, up to 32-33 years if you take good care of yourself as he does, they are the best years of football. You can still play a lot because you take care of yourself. I'm not surprised what he does Karim. He is a quality player, he is doing things well and we enjoy his football. Even when? I don't know, he will also decide ”.

Difficult match

“In the first part, it took us a while to get there. When you look at Espanyol's position with the game he has made … We like this League because playing against the last one they get you into difficulties, that's what happened today. It is a quality team with good players in front and we hold on. On a mental level, it is not easy to win 5 matches, at home, away … it is not easy. We know that we have to continue, there are 6 games to go and what we have to do is rest well and think about the next game ”.


"Nothing changes. Before it was Barcelona that had a 2 point advantage and now it is us. That will not change until the end. What we have to do is try to rest well and get to the games with good energy and keep going, because it is not easy. I want to congratulate my players because they are the ones who fight on the field every game ”.

League favorite

"We know this is going to be decided at the end of the season. As always, this League We know it is complicated, very difficult and contested, and I always think of the one we won with me as a coach in 2017 on the last day. The same will happen. We are happy because there are 5 consecutive victories and for us that is good, but it does not change anything. There are 6 finals left and now to rest well because the next game is coming quickly ”.


"The position of Hazard we all know her. Then each player can change positions, but we know where he is comfortable. The issue of kicking, I think it has received a strong blow, but it is only the blow. The problem is that Eden It has been standing for a long time. He had a slightly difficult injury, very complicated. Now I see it well, little by little. He is playing well and we are going to see the best Hazard soon. You have to be patient. He is committed to the team defensively and offensively he is very good at having the ball. ”


"I did not see it clearly. In the end I made two to change the drawing a little and have a little more amplitude with Rodrygo and Vinicius. Control with Rodrygo and depth with Vinicius. Otherwise, the team is fine and there was not much to change. Sometimes that can happen. We talked about it, you asked me the other day why sometimes we do five and sometimes two. Today we did two because of the circumstances of this specific match. It is done".

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