Zidane: "It's an important competition and we want to give it our all"

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"Valencia will put us in trouble and we have to get our best version," explained the coach.

Zinedine Zidane attended the media after the last training before the semifinal of the Spain Supercup. The white coach said: “We don't come for a walk, it's an important competition and we want to give it our all. We know we are going to have difficulties, but we have to get our best version. ”

“I am happy to be here because this competition is important and that encourages me and the players. We have come to play the Spain SupercupThey have received us very well and we are glad to welcome you in Saudi Arabia. We are outside, but we adapt. We think only of the semifinal, which for us is a final ”.

Sensations of the encounter

“Every game is a world. We are both away from home, tomorrow's game is a tie and I think everything changes. With the casualties it will be a different team, but we are emotionally the same: happy and with the intention of giving all our energy. We have good feelings, we have lost players like Benzema Y Bale, but it's what it touches. There is a very long squad and the others are here to respond and make a good game tomorrow. ”


“I'm watching tomorrow's game alone, I don't look further. After the game we will see what happens. Bale has been a medical decision and must be accepted. Jović may be an important option, but as always, you'll see it tomorrow. ”

We are well emotionally and with the intention of giving all our energy.

“I would like to have all the players, but it has not been possible and now we only consider tomorrow's game. The players that are here are ready. It is an opportunity for others, we will see who has to give in the field ”.

Team tactics

“To attack well we have to defend. It's what we have been doing for a long time, we are strong defensively. We follow this line and then attack well. On the offensive level we have to show many resources tomorrow. We know that if we get strong defensively then we will have quality to annoy any rival. Each game is a world and tomorrow we have to get our best version to win, since the opponent is very good and also wants to pass. ”


“It's the future, he's 22 years old and he's learning. It is not the first time he changes countries, but he is a child who has to learn. He has a lot of future in Madrid and I know he will score many goals. I'm interested in the player in general who can be. I don't think language is a difficulty, he wants to be with us and play. You have to go with him little by little, he has been with us for six months so you need tranquility and patience. He is a player that has cost a lot and is the future. ”

Super Cup favorites

“I don't think we are favorites, we are four favorite teams. The semifinal against Valencia is for us a final. There is no plan, what I know is that to pass you need the best Real Madrid"

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