Zidane: "Patience and tranquility, the important thing was to score three points"

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NEWS | 09/30/2020

"In the second half we were better, with the goal, pressing and recovering up," he said after the victory against Valladolid.

After beating Valladolid in the Alfredo Di Stéfano, Zidane He responded to questions from the media in the press room: “We played against a very strong team, which defends very well with two lines of four and that was known before the game, that it was going to be suffered. We had a difficult match, but it's three points for us. We just started the League. We have not had a brilliant match today, it must be said, but patience and calm. The most important thing for us was to score three points and little by little we will improve things, for sure ”.

“The first half we weren't very good with our position and movements and we had to change. From time to time it is like that. We cannot always do things well and that is why all the players are ready to play. When things don't work out, you have to be prepared to change and that's what we did. In the second half we were better with the goal, recovering up, pressing, and that's what had to be changed and we did it ”.

Vini Jr.

"Happy for the goal. Happy with what he has done. In general, also with the input of Framework Y Carva. When we change it is to do something else, and we did it with the changes ”.


“I can't tell you how long it is for. Some damage has been done in training before the game. It was like a contracture and in the end it was a bit more. It is muscular. It has nothing to do with the injury he had and could happen. It's a long time without playing. I think it's not much and the time I can't tell you exactly ”.


“He's upset because he was fine. Also, we talked about it at the press conference before the game, but he has suffered from something and these are things that can happen. He is not happy, he knows that it is a small thing and you have to have a little peace with him. It is a matter of little time, for sure ”.

Clean sheet

"It's very important. We have had problems in the counterattack because it is his game too. From time to time they can attack you, the only thing we have had are many turnovers and that is not the usual thing. You have to enjoy it because in the end we won and this has just begun. Tranquility. The players have given it their all. We know that we can improve and we will improve. We will not give more laps. The important thing is the three points ”.


“It is true that he has saved us. The other day and tonight too. Thibaut is there for that. He is our goalkeeper and today we play particularly with a very good opponent on the counter and when you risk and raise, from time to time the opponent may have a counterattack ”.

Jović's departure

“I cannot confirm you. I have said that anything can happen until the 5th. Jović is a player of this squad. I am the coach and I decide the lineups, and that's it. I am not going to tell you anything. Until the 5th we will see. I can't tell you anything about what's going to happen. Anything can happen. At the moment he's here, he's a player on the squad and that's what I can tell you. Today he played and that's it ”.

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