Zidane: "Rodrygo is happy, his game is joy"

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NEWS | 11/06/2019 | Javier Vazquez

"We made a complete game, keeping the goal to zero and respecting the opponent until the end," said the coach.

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room of Bernabeu after the win against Galatasaray on the fourth day of the Champions. The coach praised the role of Rodrygo: “Eighteen years old, yes. We are happy for him because when he has the opportunity to play he does well and tonight he has done well again in every way. He works and does many things. He has to be calm and not put pressure on him. I'm not surprised by him because we know the quality he has. Then by the three goals we can be surprised. He is happy, his game is joy and that's it. ”

“Logically today we can be happy with the 6 goals, but above all to keep our goal to zero, defending and respecting the opponent until the end because from time to time with 4 goals at rest you can relax and today we did not. When we lost the ball there was always a pressure after loss and in the end we got a complete match. ”


“His numbers speak for him. He is a player who likes football knows its quality. We always talk about his goals lately, but he is an important player for the team because of how he associates and does it very well. In the end, nothing changed when I played with Christian, the only thing is that now he is more mature, he is a father and many things have happened in his life lately and that is reflected in the field.

Rodrygo and Butragueño

"Rodrygo He is a quality player and has come here to do what he is doing. This is just the beginning and I hope I can continue like this. You have to be calm with him, without putting a lot of pressure. TO Butragueño I saw him play later, not at 18. We know Butragueño's career in the Madrid and I also saw him talking about Rodrygo. Everyone knows that he is a player of the future. Hopefully continue in this way and can make a career like Butragueño in Madrid. ”


“To highlight something, your intelligence, learn very fast, wants to improve and then has it all. Technically it is very good, when the physicist accompanies you, who has yet to improve, does what he does in the field. He's smart, because he also puts a moment of pause in his game when the team needs it, but technically he knows how to do everything with the ball. ”

Valverde and Marcelo

"We know that Fede It has quality and you had to give it the chance to play more and now it is demonstrating. What I liked is that when he plays he does well and in the end when we take Casemiro He has gotten defensively and has done very well, because he usually plays later, and has stayed in that position and has done it perfectly for the team. About Marcelo I hope it's a small thing, that's what he said. Let's see what doctors tell us tomorrow. ”

Good time of Kroos

“I highlight its quality, because it has it especially with the ball. He is a player who almost never loses the ball and gives us fluidity in the game, but also when he plays with Modric and with Isco. We are happy with your level because it is important and you are doing well. This is a team and today in general all have their best version. ”

James, summoned with Colombia

"We will see. Today was this game and we will see how the two will be this weekend. Let them summon James already Bale I'm not surprised, then we'll see what will happen and if they will play there or not. ”

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