Zidane: "The season has been spectacular"

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NEWS | 07/19/2020

"How can I not think we can come back against City. We are going to fight the pass until the last second," said the coach.

Zinedine Zidane He appeared in the Butarque press room and analyzed the last game of the champion of League at a telematic press conference: "During the game you can be angry that we did not play at our level, but I keep what we have done so far. The result has not been victory, but we have not lost and now it is time to rest. The season has been spectacular and we should all be happy with what we did. This tie doesn't have much meaning. "

"It was a different game and it has already happened. There was an opponent who played the whole season today, but we played our game. We have to thank all the players for what they did and after four or five days off we will think in the Champions. We will be back with a lot of hope for sure. "

Balance of the League and to think about the Champions

"We got an important trophy. They are 38 days and being up is very nice. How can I not think that we can come back against City. We are going to fight the pass until the last second. That sure, but now it's time to rest because the final stretch has It was a tremendous effort on everyone's part. "

Now it's time to rest because the final stretch has been a tremendous effort by everyone.

"We need some days of relaxation. We must disconnect and rest. When we return to training we will think about that match. We will have 10 or 15 days to think about it. Now we have to disconnect from football."


"We will all try, especially those who know how to take physical care of the players, not to have any discomfort. He has had a little discomfort after playing the games and hopefully after the break now he fully recovers to play the Champions"


"He is young and talented, but it has been a difficult season due to injuries and things that have happened to him. He must be trusted. We will see next year."

Bale and James

"The situation always changes. You know what happened to James and what of Bale It was a technical decision. Nothing else".

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