Zidane: "There are 4 consecutive victories, what the team is doing is not easy"

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NEWS | 06/24/2020

"Defensively Sergio Ramos has shown again the way forward and offensively I'm glad for his goal," said the coach.

After the meeting between the Real Madrid and Mallorca, Zidane appeared in the press room of the Alfredo Di Stéfano and he appreciated the team's work: “We need to have the ball. Drawing for me is not the most important thing but what we do on the field with the ball. We can do better, but I am satisfied with what I saw on the field and what the players are doing is not easy. There are 4 consecutive victories, but what stands out for us today is our defensive solidity on the part of everyone. Offensively we can improve and that is what we are going to try to do. ”

"We ended up a little more tired today, but it is not just a question of Real Madrid, is from all teams. It is a bit of a particular situation, after 60 days we go back to training and with the heat and everything. But you have to put up with it and the only thing is to be more attentive to the players, but we want to continue with strength ”.

Ramos goal

"I'm happy for his goal, which is important. We know that he is our captain, our leader. Defensively he has shown again the way forward and offensively I am happy for his goal. He is training the shooting of fouls and it is a satisfaction for him and for us. Sergio he's a player here. He has been here for many years and has to retire here. I think about it and I will always say it ”.

Vinicius Jr.

“We stayed to rehearse, not always, but almost. When we have time and we can work in front of the goal. It is normal, with Vinicius Jr. and with everyone. I am the coach and we prepare the matches, there is nothing in particular. Things stay in the locker room. The important thing is that we are doing things well, it is already the fourth victory and we also know that now we are accumulating games that make us feel a little tired. You have to recover well and think about the next game ”.


"From the beginning of the season Varane It has been great, like all our team. In defense we have become aware that winning the League It is very difficult and when we are on the pitch we have to make a lot of efforts. The defense has made a continuous effort and we must continue like this. There are 7 finals left and we will continue to be careful with the details and try to do well until the end of the season ”.


“We are all more or less the same. The important thing is that there are 4 victories for us, but it is the merit of the players. We are training well and we always want more. The attitude of the players has been phenomenal, also that of those who do not play and it is the difference within the locker room. We are missing 7 finals, the players have to recover well and continue with what we are doing, that we have not won anything. ”

Courtois, fit

"It is not the first game. Okay, like everyone. I see him dynamic in goal with the ball coming out, which is very good for us. We must continue, I can not tell you anything else. We know the importance of all players and Thibaut he is as a goalkeeper ”.


"We are happy with what we are doing and Gareth He is an important player, he has always shown it. The important thing is to do it as we are doing it. We change the players, but the important thing is that the dynamics do not change. As always, there are players who are going to have more minutes, but this exists for life and will not change. ”


“He is a player like everyone. I know he wants to play, like everyone, he wants to play more, but they are decisions and I try to do things as coach of Real Madrid. It has nothing to do with that. One day is James, another is Gareth, other Isco. You always get one out, but this will not change what we are all doing, because each one contributes his grain of sand and the most important thing is that. I'm not going to get into what you want us to get on the covers ”.


"Very good. It was a great match. We know the player he is and today he has shown it. He is very skilled, he always goes towards the goal and his game does not surprise me. We'll see later. Our concern now is what we are doing with the players who are here. "

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