Zidane: "We are demonstrating our strength and our balance"

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NEWS | 07/05/2020

"We have to congratulate the players for what they are doing because they are 7 wins out of 7, but we have not won anything," said the coach.

He Real Madrid achieved his seventh consecutive victory in Bilbao and remains leader of the League. After the match against Athletic, Zidane He appeared in the press room and said: “It is our solidity. It's about that. What we are demonstrating is our strength and our balance. When we lose the ball we all defend and that lately we are doing very well. When it comes to playing we have lacked a bit of brilliance offensively and we can improve, and that is what we are going to do. Most important is our defensive strength, which we have demonstrated again today. ”

"What we have to do is think about what we are doing. We cannot listen to the outside because League it will be decided in the end, as always. We are focused on the remaining games. At the moment we must congratulate the players for what they are doing because they are 7 wins out of 7, but we have not won anything. ”


“I am tired because in the end we always talk about the same thing. It seems that we won the games because of the referees and this is not the case. We are in the field and we must respect Real Madrid and the players. This is not going to change. We are fighting and as always the referee has gone to see the play and called a penalty because there is a penalty. "


"The objective is to think and continue playing soccer as we are doing. On the move of Sergio I didn't speak to him, and Marcelo neither. There are people who do their jobs and you have to respect that. We are going to continue with what we are doing, focus on soccer and nothing else. ”

Ramos better than Cristiano shooting penalties?

"They are both reliable. Sergio He is also a specialist in that, many times he stays training. "

When we lose the ball we all defend and we are doing very well.

“Pride for the work done. It is not anything to win 7 games in a row. At offensive level we are missing something, but we are not going to complain because we have won. Most importantly, our defensive base is very good. We know that if we are defensive well we will have chances. The last time was Carvajal who caused the penalty, this time Marcelo. That means we have wingers involved in the attack. "

Physical wear

"It is a bit of everything, but physically it surely affects because we play every 3 days and next week we will play on Friday, but then we will have 3 games in a week to finish. It is not just about us because I am seeing all the teams and it is difficult to create and make occasions. Physics is very important, and at least we are all on the same line, which costs all teams. For example, after 20 minutes there is a lot of difference at the end of the game ”.


“It's true that he hasn't played much lately. For example, today he played a good game and the other day against Getafe he entered the game very well and I'm happy for him. All the players are concentrated and when it is your turn to play you try to do well and Militão He has done well today. "

James and Bale

"James He wanted to be left out because of a subject of his These are our things. You ask me and I answer you, but I'm not going to tell you anything more about that. On Bale I have to choose and it takes two games without entering. There are 25 players and I have to work with everyone. "

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