Zidane: "We are going to compete and try to make a good game"

NEWS | 07/26/2019 | Javier García (New Jersey)

"We are touched by Marco, we are very sorry for him and hopefully he will come back stronger," said the coach about Asensio.

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford (New Jersey) the day before derby. The white coach analyzed the match against Atlético, which will be played on the night from Friday to Saturday (02:00 Spanish; Friday, 20:00 local; Realmadrid TV): “It's the third game, let's try to continue with what we are doing: work, compete and try to make things better in the field. My players are happy to play such a game and I think it will be a good game. ”

“We will continue to distribute minutes among the players. When there are injuries and two players are lost it is a problem, but it is normal. Tomorrow we will try to play a good game and compete. The opponent is a team that is good, that fights and we are going to try to make a good game. It's what we all want to see a good game. ”

Asensio Injury

“We are all touched by Marco's theme, we are very sorry for him. The players have given him the love he needed. It is a serious injury and hopefully it will come back stronger. There were good things against Arsenal but it was a shame about Marco. They were good but less important things after what happened with Marco. ”

Mendy and the injuries

“They disturb me, it's something that bothers me. What about Marco, about Ferland, which is a minor injury … He won't be able to continue working or playing with us. We do not know how long. They are things that happen in a preseason. Hopefully it will come back soon. ”

Change in planning for Asensio?

“We are working with the players who are here and thinking about tomorrow's game. Then, we return to Madrid and think about the first League match. Nothing changes. I am not thinking about the player who is going to replace Marco. We are disappointed with his injury but we think only of tomorrow's game. ”


“We are with the preparation. The players know that we have to work well in the preseason. After these three games, four more games will be missing before the start of the League. The preseason serves to catch pace and minutes. ”

Gil Marín's words about James

"It's a matter of the club, a matter between them, not mine."


“He is here training. Tomorrow we have a match and it's with us. ”


“You will see it. When I said it was going to be very clear, I said that I will be clear with the players. We have to compete and the players have to be fine to play. Its normal. You will see who will play. ”


“It's not that I didn't fit. He needed to play a lot, he is an important player. Maybe in Madrid he hasn't had enough minutes. It's only about that. There is a lot of competition here and nothing else. I wish him to play many games and do it well. ”

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