Zidane: "We are happy and ready to start the League"

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NEWS | 08/16/2019 | Javier Vázquez | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

“Optimism is total; we want to give the fans joy and play good football, ”said the coach.

Zinedine Zidane appeared before the media in the press room of the Ciudad Real Madrid behind the last training prior to the start of the League with the Celtic in Balaído (Saturday, 5:00 p.m., Movistar LaLiga). The technician analyzed the meeting like this: “We want this to start now. It was the last training and we only think about tomorrow's game. We start our League and we are happy and ready for the beginning. ”

“We know the team we have, we know what we want. Celta has a good team in this League, which is the best in the world. We know that there is a lot of competition, a lot of very good teams and you have to be prepared to play a good game. ”

“The optimism for us is that the League. Everyone can say what they have seen so far, with the new ones and those that were there, but we have already started the dynamics of the League, which is the competition and the optimism is total. We want to give the fans joy, play good football and that is what it is all about. Things are going to be done little by little, starting with tomorrow's game. There are many new players that came and we will have everyone. ”

Transfer Market

“I am happy with my players and we are all focused solely on tomorrow's game. We are prepared and want to play a good game and compete. I have the best and I have no doubt, I have always said so. I will always defend that and that is what matters. ”

Possible pardon to Carvajal

“These are things that I do not control, it is true that it is a bit difficult to accept, but what we are going to do is see what will happen. We are training and we know that we have the game, they will be able to change things and we will wait until the last moment. I don't think it's normal, but it's like that. ”


“He is fit and I am happy to have him in the squad. The other day what I said I will repeat, I will have everyone here. They are also happy to be here. ”


"Kubo He is a player of Real Madrid And it has a future. We know that everything can happen until the end of the market, but I hope you stay here progressing and playing with the start Castile. It is important because it is the future of Real Madrid"

Playing well and winning is what interests me most.

“I am satisfied with what I have, we have talked to the right person with whom we had to do things and that is what we have. Let's think about tomorrow's game. Occasionally there are rumors. We play football, which is something we love, we like and there are people who live the worst things in life. We take advantage of the luck we have. ”

Game style and win

“Play well and win, that's what interests me most. For us it is not winning; Winning is the consequence of what we are going to do within the field. What we have to do is compete together as a team because we are going to win things by playing as a team. I prefer to play well, in the Madrid the important thing is also to play well ”.

Message to the fans

“When things do not come out or there are no results that are wanted, people will always discuss it. I tell the fans that this has just begun, we need the fans that are always behind the team and we are going to try to give that to them by playing good football, and that's it. ”

Different systems

“I am the coach and I want to have another way of playing, another drawing. We can do it with the players who have just arrived, and I have to choose the best drawing to counter the rival. ”

Hazard in the preseason

“We worked very well the goal of the preseason, maybe the results did not accompany, but that's it. We care about the competition and from now on we know that all matches are important for all the competitions we are going to play. I am happy with Hazard and with the rest of the players ”


“It's not positive or negative, I don't think about the past, what we have gained here. Football is like that, today matters and not what we have won, what happened, happened. They know that day to day is important, we want the dynamics to be good and all competitions are going to be important. Today's training was important for tomorrow's game. ”


“It seemed he was leaving and now he is here with us. The dynamics and things change, but I will count on him. He has a record and is an important player and I hope that all the players want to put me in difficulties to make the team. ”

Vinicius Jr.

"Vinicius He is 18 years old, but age has nothing to do. He is an important player and the important thing is that the players are prepared, because then I have to choose the team and it is the most complicated, but it is my job. The players have to be ready, prepared, because we are going to have many games. ”


“It's from Manchester and you have to respect that. We are here thinking about tomorrow's game. ”


"Neymar is not a Real Madrid player and I just said that the important ones are the players who are here."

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