Zidane: "We are happy to continue up but we know this is going to be long"

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NEWS | 10/05/2019 | Javier Vazquez

"We are happy for Hazard and his goal and I hope he is the first of many," said the coach.

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room of Santiago Bernabeu after the victory against Granada, which keeps the team at the top of the standings. The coach said: “I want more, because we are perfectionists. We must and we can and we will do it. I am very happy with what they are doing. Today there is no easy game, you have to always play from minute one. We can all be happy, happy because we are up and we know it will be very long and we will have to work hard. The pity is that there are many who go again with the selections and we have to accept that because they are not going to rest. ”

“We need to convey the positive. You from outside do what you want, but inside we know that you have to suffer and sweat in the matches. There are no small teams today, but I will always be positive. And within this we must improve and that is what we are going to do. We are better than a month ago and we are going to improve, sure, because the players each contribute something to the team and that is seen. ”


“We must not compare with the day of the Levant. I said yesterday, we played against the second and there comes a time where the second also has to get you in trouble. We had a few minutes of difficulty, but in the second part I think we also controlled the game, we got the room … I keep everything. We know that it will never be easy, there will never be ninety minutes in which we play perfect and that the opponent does not put you in difficulty, and that is his merit. With the changes they have made they played much better. ”


“Happy for him. He deserves it, he is a player who will always prove that he is very good. He is growing, he is doing phenomenal and always advances, he wants the ball, and has participated in the goals. It is a team work and the first part has been phenomenal in every way. To get out of our field with the ball we did very well. ”

Valverde is a player with an impressive course, is playing and deserves it.

“He is a player with these characteristics. A bit modern, it has an impressive route, not only in attack because it does the same in defense as well and this is important today and is doing well, like many of the team. I'm Happy for Fede, because he is playing and deserves it. ”


“We need Eden like this, playing well and scoring goals. He was missing that and at the end of the game he was happy in the locker room. We are happy for him and his goal and I hope he is the first of many. ”

FIFA virus

“It's not that I worry, it's reality. Today we lose Toni and Gareth. There are some headdresses and they will travel to play. It is what there is, we cannot do anything. I hope to have Toni here so he can get in here again. Better not go with the selection and stay here. We have to manage it and we will do it. ”

Modric great goal

"I'm Happy for Modric. He has scored a great goal. He has this hit, three or four years ago in Granada he scored the same goal. He doesn't always dare, but with the punch he has… he must do it. ”

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