Zidane: “We are only interested in having a good game in Mallorca”

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NEWS | 10/18/2019 | Alberto Navarro | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

“We will be prepared to play the Classic when they tell us,” added the Real Madrid coach.

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room of the Ciudad Real Madrid the day before the game against Mallorca. The white coach analyzed the meeting of the ninth day of the League, which will be played in Son Moix (Saturday, 9:00 pm; Movistar LaLiga): “The important match is tomorrow. We know that we have had many players out with the national team and other headdresses. The last two days we had all the players and what interests us is to play a good game tomorrow. ”

“We play against a team that does not deserve its position in the table. Modric, Bale, Kroos Y Lucas Vázquez They won't be with us. Something is always going to happen to us and that is hard for a coach. We are going to have other players and we are going to try to do well tomorrow. ”

Ramos and the Olympic Games

“What I want are his feelings and what he wants. It is not a subject of mine. If he wants to play with Spain in the Olympic Games, it seems fine. He always wants to do something important and something to help his country. I think it's a beautiful thing. ”

The classic

“Everyone has our position. The important thing is to be prepared when you have to play it. There is much debate, and it is logical, but my position is this. We will be prepared to play on the date the right person tells us. I have my preference, but I will not tell. We will adapt to what they ask. What he says will not change anything. ”

“The preparation will not change much if it is not played this Saturday. Tomorrow we have an important game and on Tuesday another even more important. We will be prepared for the Classic. ”

If Ramos wants to go to the Games with Spain, it seems good to me, it's a beautiful thing.

“What I think as coach of Real Madrid is that we will play when we touch. I don't like violence and I think nobody. They are difficult images, but I will not go into it. ”

Reinforcements in winter

“Until the end of January it will be possible to sign, but what matters to me is tomorrow's game. I can't think about that. It is far away. ”


“He is not discouraged. It has just arrived and is much better than at the beginning. Little by little he is speaking Spanish and entering the dynamic. I'm going to count on him and it's important even though I haven't played much lately. ”


"Is very good. I have 25 undisputed players and in each match I have to choose. It can be a good box to box. He has personality in the sense that he wants to do it well and demands a lot. That is good to improve. ”

Brahim and Mariano

“They have to be patient because there are many players and I will count on everyone. Everyone knows their situation. They have to be prepared and when it's their turn to do it right. ”

The meeting with Pogba in Dubai

“The meeting was pure chance and as we have known each other for a long time, we talked. It was personal. I was there for the colloquium on artificial intelligence, which is a mixture between two aspects: the human and the electronic. For me, seeing things with the human eye is the most important thing. In the end, this is how the status of a player is best evaluated. ”

Kubo and his assignment to Mallorca

“The good thing is that he is playing and doing well. That was his decision and must be respected. Happy for what he is doing with his team. ”

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