Zidane: "We are ready to start the matches"

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NEWS | 07/20/2019 | Javier García (Houston)

"I am very happy because we have worked very well and it is the most important thing in the preseason," he added.

Zinedine Zidane He appeared in the press room of the NRG Stadium in Houston the day before the debut in the International Champions Cup. The technician thanked the support samples after the death of his brother: "I wanted to thank for the messages of support I have had these days for my brother. Many thanks, above all, to the people who have been around me and it was important. " He then spoke about the game against Bayern, which will be played on Saturday night through Sunday (02:00 h Spanish, Realmadrid TV): "We have three friendly matches but what we want is to try to play well. After ten days of work we are happy to play. "

"We know that physically we lack something. The matches serve to get the season right. I am happy, we have worked very well and we came for that. The most important thing in preseason is to work. I have to congratulate all the players because they have worked very well. We are happy to start the matches because the players want to play and we are ready. "

Adaptation of the signings

"I'm very happy, I'm not going to say surprised because it's not the word. It's not easy when you get to a new club. They are very hardworking people and I am happy with what they are doing. They are very good and it is a plus for us. "


"He is a determining player. Score goals and make a difference. He has shown it throughout his career and now we have it. We will take advantage of their qualities. I am very happy with it. Eden needed a club like Madrid to improve. This club has something special and we all know it. When I arrived at Madrid I was 29 years old and I still had a lot left. I spent five years as a player and improved things. Eden's thing is the same. We know the type of player he is and that he can give us a lot. "


"We have to respect things. What I can say is that with the club we know what we want and we know that until the 31st we can have changes of departures and players that can come. The important thing is that the players who are here have worked very well from the start. What encourages me is to work well with those who are ".


"It's not a problem that he stays. I can not say that a player is a problem. He has a contract, he is here and what I can say is that everything can happen. I have to respect all the players, he's with us and he's a player Real Madrid. We will see what will happen. His role has not changed compared to June. "


"Achraf will continue another year in Dortmund. He is a good player and we know it. It's good for him to continue another year there. "


"You ask me another question and I will always answer the same. We know with the club what we want to do and we are in it. What encourages me is the match of tomorrow and go working little by little. We have time for the rest and we will see what will happen. "


"I saw him well, he's training well. He is a quality player. It will be important insurance in the Real Madrid. The workload is assimilating well. He's young but he seems to have been with us for a long time. "

Sincerity with the players

"It's difficult, but it's reality. I've talked to everyone because I like to be clear with them. "


"What we want is for people to be proud of the players. Tomorrow we want to make a good match for all the people who support us. Here in Houston there are many people who like football and who support us and we are happy. "


"He is a player of Real Madrid. He's on vacation and we'll see what's going to happen. I can not tell you anything else. "

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