Zidane: "We deserve the three points"

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NEWS | 08/24/2019

"We had many scoring chances in the first half but we needed to score to be more confident," added the coach.

Zidane analyzed in the press room of Santiago Bernabeu the meeting of Real Madrid against Valladolid: “We are going with a bad taste because we did the most difficult thing, which is to score almost at the end of the second part but then in three minutes they tie us. We are out of place and it is complicated and difficult for us because we deserved more, the three points, especially in the first part because we had many occasions and we have only missed the goal ”.

“It’s not the loss of Kroos, which can happen at any time, but we were out of place to defend. We did the most difficult and then we have to send the ball away. Victory has not been possible and we have to grow and play 90 minutes because today we cannot play 60 or 70 ”.

Be practical

“With 1-0 in the 84th minute we have to be more practical and have more conviction when the game demands something else. Today is this and you have to accept it. Yesterday I said it was not a cheat match, that any team can come here and hurt you. We have to play 90 minutes and if we do it as we did in the first part we have many options to win. ”


“His match has been good. He has left the field because he was a little touched and if a player has discomfort we prefer not to risk. He has made a good game, especially in the first part as the whole team. He had a chance to score. ”

If we do it as in the first part we have many options to win.

“We have no lack of goal. We have to be more convinced of what we are doing. Jović on the first occasion he has had it sent to the crossbar and Benzema He has scored the goal. We have to insist and there must come a time when things change. In the first part we can be happy to create many scoring chances. We have missed that goal and then be more positive and confident, but we will insist and think that a match has 90 minutes. ”


“I notice the pressure, of course. Our audience has to help us anyway. I know it's complicated and difficult but I ask it like when titles were won. We need our fans with the team and we will do everything on our part. ”

Second part

“It has not been a physical downturn. We are at the beginning of the season. The heat either because it is the same for both teams. We enter less convinced and our game has not been fluid and when it is not so we have difficulties. It is not a physical problem. ”

Jović and James

“They are important players and can be another solution. We play 4-4-2 and it's another option. ”

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