Zidane: "We entered the game very badly and we lacked intensity"

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NEWS | 07/27/2019 | Javier García (New Jersey) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia / Antonio Villalba

"We are motivated and hungry to move this forward," he added.

Zinedine Zidane He appeared in the press room of MetLife Stadium after the derby: “What happened is that we entered the game very badly. In a high level encounter like this we entered very badly. After eight minutes we lost 2-0 and there were no signs that we were going to change anything. The first part was difficult, we did not enter the game. Above all, we lacked the intensity that is necessary at this level. ”

“We know that they scored seven goals and it can't happen. The players know it and they are the first to be disappointed. Do not give it more laps, it is a preseason game. They have been better at everything and that's it. ”


“We will be motivated, I have no doubt. Our season is going to be good, I am convinced. Today we cannot be happy with this defeat, of course. But I am convinced that I have a team that will compete very well. We have to rest a little and think of August 17 ”.

Change the situation

“At the moment it is what there is, that is not going to change in what we want to do this season. We are motivated and hungry to move this forward. He has been a friendly and for Atlético he has not been a friendly. I am convinced that this team will do important things this year and we will see it quickly. "

I am convinced that I have a team that will compete very well.

“The players are not failing, we are preparing the season and we have to be calm. We must be prepared at the beginning of the League"


“The stadium has been fine. Here come fans from all over the world. Fans wanted to see their team win and it failed. But we focus on the beginning of League"

The key to defeat

“It has been, above all, our start of the game. We lost 2-0 soon and then we left holes and it was harder. In such a match, if you don't get intensity… ”


"It is not a poor performance of Hazard, but of all. I, the first. You can't blame one or two. We are all. We were wrong at the start of the game and we must quickly forget it. ”


“It doesn't worry me, but it hurts. You don't play to lose. But we cannot look back, it has been a bad game and we are going to think what we have done to try to do something else next game. ”

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