Zidane: "We fight and we win as a team"

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NEWS | 01/04/2020 | Alberto Navarro | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

"We interpreted the game very well," added the white coach.

Zinedine Zidane appeared before the media in the press room of the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum after the victory of the Real Madrid before Getafe (0-3). The white coach said: “We have suffered in the first part, but we have been a team, which is the most important in difficult fields and against a rival who has pressed us a lot. It has cost us to leave but we got a great result. We interpreted the game very well. We are 25 and in the end the good thing is that we all compete. ”

“We have had complicated games like Éibar, Vitoria or today. We fight and we win as a team. We have played a different game but we have to accept these games from time to time. ”

Spain Supercup

“The first thing is to enjoy what we did today and rest. We'll think about Wednesday's game. Favorites are the four teams that are going to play it. ”


“I don't share what is said about him. He is a very important player and today he has made a great game. Modric is Modric and we know what he can bring to the team. I'm glad for his goal and for the sprint with Valverde in the 90th minute. It means he is very well. ”

Courtois performance

“He has saved us twice or three times in the first part and has been clearly decisive. He is an important player of our team and he has been demonstrating it for a long time. I am happy for your performance. He is my goalkeeper and for me he is the best. I do not have doubts. All the players I have are the best. ”

Score three goals

“We must be calm and keep working. You have to be very calm in the face of goal. There are times when the ball does not want to enter, but today it has also marked Varane and that means we have many resources. You have to take advantage of them and there is a lot of satisfaction today. ”

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