Zidane: "We have missed the goal, which is the most important thing"

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NEWS | 02/22/2020 | Javier Vázquez (Valencia) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

"We have to keep thinking that this can be done with strength, courage and energy," he added.

Zinedine Zidane appeared before the media in the press room of the City of Valencia, where he analyzed the match against Levante: “We feel bad because we created a lot in the first part to score and we have only lacked that. We started well playing in the opposite field and creating chances, but we have missed the goal, which is the most important. In the second part they came once and scored the goal ”.

“It is clear that in the game we have gone from more to less. It cost us in the second part. They arrived once and scored a goal, this is a reality. We know that we can move forward and we need everyone's energy to move this forward. Now we are annoyed because it is a defeat that we do not like, but in three days we have a match and we have to think only of that. Next week we have a week in which we play everything and we have to get the good we have had so far. ”

Next week we play everything and we have to get the good we have had so far.

“This is football and things happen. We had good times in the season and the last two games are two very negative results. We must not lower our heads and we must continue to think that we can move forward with strength, courage and energy. You have to accept it and think about the week in which we play everything. ”

Hazard's inconvenience

“It does not look good because it has been damaged where it was injured. It's a hit, but let's see if it's a small thing. Now he is in pain and we will see tomorrow, that we will do more tests. ”

The classic

“After these two games in which we have lost 5 points we know that we have to win the home game. We will do our best, but first we have a game on Wednesday. We know the importance of both parties and we have to try to win. ”

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