Zidane: "We have to be focused and give 100% in the field"

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NEWS | 02/21/2020 | Javier Vázquez | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

"We know that now the most complicated thing is coming and each game will be even more difficult because we reach the end of the season," said the coach.

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room of the Ciudad Real Madrid after the last training prior to the visit to the Levant (Saturday, 9:00 p.m., Movistar LaLiga). The coach of Real Madrid He analyzed the game like this: “The 29-point Levante has been at home for 20 and that shows the game we're going to have. A complicated, difficult game, and we will have to be prepared to make a great game. It will be necessary. ”

“We have to be focused on what we do every day and give 100% because it is what we control, you in your position and I in mine. You can give 100% in your life, we control what we are going to give in the field. What will happen tomorrow? You do not know, I do not know. As always, it is time for March and April where everything is played, but I do not look beyond tomorrow. Really".

Decisive moment of the season

“For us the important thing is the day to day, from the first day. We know that every day is important here. It is now and here. For example today, the last training before thinking about tomorrow's game. We think about the next game, which is tomorrow against Levante away from home and we only have this thought in our head. We know that now the most complicated is coming and each game will be even more difficult because we reach the end of the season. We know what we play and the points that are at stake. And when I tell you that, we know we can improve even more. ”

Ramos, to the Olympic Games

“Of course, if he wants I will support him. It is very nice to play for your country and also with the player that he is and what he has done, wanting to go play with his country is very beautiful. I find it fantastic. We talked about the World Cup and the European Championship, but the Olympic Games are all sports together and an experience like that is fantastic. I have talked with players who went and told me about a fabulous experience and that is why I understand that a 34-year-old player wants to go to the Olympic Games. I would have liked it, but it's too late. ”

Ramos is never substitute

“Good question, this one. The most important thing is that Sergio is our captain, our leader, our reference player. Play or not play, I'm not interested in the bench, nobody is interested in being on the bench. He has to play, then I have to make decisions. What I answer is that Sergio Ramos He is our captain and is very important to us. For Real Madrid players, for players and for what it represents for us. I always want Sergio Ramos with me. Always with us, and I see it very well. I was also a substitute, but only three or four times. ”

Sergio Ramos is our leader and I always want him with me, always with us.

“My players are all important. I live with my ideas and we always say that we die with our ideas, even when things go wrong. I live with my ideas and it will always be like that. What I do is a passion, not everyone can say that. There are many people who work and have to do it to live and do not like it. Soccer is my passion, I give 100% every day and I can be wrong. I give everything because tomorrow this is over, and especially here. ”


“He has had two or three weeks of intensive training doing everything: physical, technical … He is prepared and in this final stretch he wants to be with us and play. And he is prepared. ”

Give 100%

“What I want to do every day is to give my one hundred percent of what I have inside as a coach and nothing more. That is what interests me. All players know before playing a game when they are ready, but the player has to play and not think about what will happen. The important thing is to play and that the players are prepared to give one hundred percent as always. ”


"I am not worried. Goals against mean we made the last three games a little worse. It is our duty not to risk defensively because with the ball we know that we have many resources and many possibilities to harm the opponent. There we have to do things better. When one does not have the ball all players must defend. Anyone can talk about defense, but for me the most important thing is that when we don't have the ball, everyone tries to recover it as soon as possible and that is the key. For me all players have to be aware of the defense and if they are involved in recovering as quickly as possible it is easier afterwards. ”


“In the last three calls he has not entered. But we know that he is an important player for us and when they are all we have to make a call. We are happy, but I don't like to say this because he is 18 years old and has shown that he is good and that his site is here. It's complicated".

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