Zidane: "We have to show our best version against Espanyol"

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NEWS | 12/06/2019 | Javier Vázquez | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

"We know that the game is going to be very complicated and we will do our best on the field," said the coach.

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room of the Ciudad Real Madrid after the last training prior to the visit of Espanyol (Saturday, 1:00 p.m.; Movistar LaLiga), and analyzed the meeting like this: “We know that in all matches the relaxation is zero, because the next opponent always wants to make a good match. What we want is to do well and give the best version of our team tomorrow, give the maximum. That is what we are going to try, give everything in the field ”.

“Espanyol is a team that does not deserve its position in the table. I said it once or twice, the Spanish teams are very good. They are going through a bad moment at the level of points but not the game, because it is a team that plays very well. We know, we are focused and we don't play much less against the latter. We know that the game is going to be very complicated, very difficult, and if you let them play they can complicate you a lot. ”

Equipment Improvement

“I don't notice. All I can tell you is that I am happy to be in the best club in the world with my players, whom I love very much. I am fortunate to be able to live this moment in my life as a person, as a former player of Real Madrid And now as a coach. Every day, even when things are complicated, I take it as a gift. I will always be from Real Madrid and that will never change. ”

Moment of Vinicius Jr.

“It's everyone's time. He will be with us against Espanyol and the team will know tomorrow. It is important that everyone is prepared because that is what the coach is looking for, then I have to choose an eleven. ”


“In the field it is already fully adapted and integrated into the group. You have the possibility to play for the injury of Marcelo and when he has done it he has shown the level he has, which he can play here. As for his adaptation outside the field, he has to improve his Spanish because it is important. ”

Does La Liga fall small?

"Not for me. Our illusion is to play against Espanyol tomorrow, because this is our daily reality. I am very excited to play a game of tomorrow League Spanish".

Winter market

“Everything can happen in football. It is not the time, tomorrow we have a game and when that time comes we will see, but for now I am staying with my players, I am very happy. They are all good and we must continue like this ”.

Casemiro, aware

"We can not do anything. He has four cards and if they put another one he will be out. Hopefully it holds all four cards until the end of the season. Surely it won't happen, but we can't do anything. ”


“The important thing for us is to be well all season having a staff of 25 players, who are all involved because they are all good. What we want is to start well from our start of the season and continue until the end. It is true that where everything is played is in the end, but to get there this stretch until Christmas is very important for us and we know it. From the beginning to the end it is important. ”

System with four midfielders

“The system is not the least, but the motivation we should have in each game is more important. In each encounter you can change the system. I don't like to do the same thing always and the opponent studies you, they always watch what you do in each game, not just in the previous game. Tomorrow plays Espanyol and we have to play in a way that may be different from the last game. Since I have the best players and they are all ready, many things can be changed. ”

Medical services

“The players try to do everything because they know they play every three days. It is important to rest, eat well and footballers in general do it because it is important to recover soon. The medical services here are the best. We are all in the same boat and when there is an injured player they are the first to suffer. I am convinced that we have the best and the players also know that they are surrounded by the best, is what this club has. ”

Hazard's injury

“The subject of a player's injuries is always screwed. We always want him with us and he's not happy, that's what it is. I hope you come back quickly with us. The same Marcelo, the same Bale, I do not want any player outside the team due to injury. It is an important casualty, but we cannot do anything, there are other players and we must continue with those who are for tomorrow's game. ”

“It's very bad news because he is a player who has shown in recent games how important he is and what he will be in the future for our team. I don't like having injured players and especially Hazard, who was in great shape and demonstrating his quality. It's a setback and I hope it doesn't last long. ”

Injury and prohibition of Wales to Bale

“The injury occurs in the Alavés match. Then we have had two and a half days of rest, but on the way back he has suffered and that is why he has not trained normally with us this week. About the ban, you ask me and I will answer for me. I'm not going to stop anything at Bale nor to any player, they are older and everyone knows what they have to do. I am not going to say anything".

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