Zidane: "We made a phenomenal first half, with goals, game and delivery"

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NEWS | 09/14/2019

"We have to think about playing like this during the 90 minutes," the coach added in the press room.

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room of Santiago Bernabeu after the victory against Levante. The coach analyzed the game: “We got the three points playing phenomenal in the first part, with game, goals and delivery. The second part has been a bit more complicated for us. When the opponent scores a goal, the situation changes a little. We have to think about playing as in the first part during the 90 minutes. That will be good for us. ”

“In the second part we had chances to make goals but it could be that physically … I don't want to look for excuses, but it is true that there were many players who were out and did not have much rest. Casemiro I couldn't go on Sergio I was with the soleus … James Y Hazard They had only done four workouts with the group. We are left with the first part, we go little by little. What we have to do is play more minutes as the first part. ”


“It has a lot of verticality, it is very good with the ball and what it lacks is to train more. He has only done four workouts with the team. We know how good it is but we have many matches and we have to manage it. I don't want any more injuries from anyone. Hazard It will bring us many things. He is not yet ready to play as a starter because he has only done four workouts. ”


“What I can say is keep it that way. It is important when we see Karim in this way. We are happy, we have seen the ovation of the public. We have to continue like this and try to improve the second part. I've been hearing for a long time that Karim's last game is the best. "

Benzema always plays at a great level, always shows his face and is prepared.

“We know that we can improve a lot and we will do it from the peace of mind. We must play better and longer in the game. It is what will happen. ”


“You have seen injured players, it is what it is. A coach has to adapt to the players he has. When you look at the bench there was no more chance of doing something else and we ended up with Kroos Y Luke. We had to endure and we did it. We cannot be happy with the game in the second part but we have tried. ”

Vinicius and the goal

“He is 19 years old, you have to go little by little, things are achieved with work. The important thing is to create occasions. It is true that we have had occasions to make more goals. You have to insist on that. I think only of each player's work to improve. ”


“It has quality and always has. Nothing has changed. Physically it has cost him in the end but he put character and dedication. He has ended up dead and I'm glad for him because he gives everything in the field. Now we will rest and prepare the next game. ”


"We need to improve. We work for it. We will fit less goals and score more. I'm convinced".

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