Zidane: "We played a good game but we lacked clarity at the top"

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NEWS | 09/20/2020

"It is the first league match and little by little we are going to get better," said the coach.

Concluded the first official meeting of the season, Zinedine Zidane He appeared before the media online from the Reale Arena press room: “We are happy with the game. In general, what we did we did well. We lacked the goal, a bit of clarity at the top especially when we had the chances. We played well the first 40 minutes and in the second half we had to create the chances, but in general we can be happy with what we did ”.

“We always go for the game, so they are two points a little lost, but in the end it was difficult for us to make chances, especially in the second half. In the first we had three occasions and we missed the goal ”.


“We have not changed the drawing. It's complicated because you can change to the striker, but if you put two forwards, the team's drawing changes and I didn't want to. You had to put players on the wings and that's what we did. At the beginning we dominated the game well. We have had two or three occasions and physically I don't think it was a problem. Casemiro the game did not start, they are specific moments and nothing more ”.


“Defensively we have not conceded anything and that is important. Then work, look for solutions above, there is no other choice. We know that we have to improve there. We know the players we have who are defending and today everyone has done well. In the end this is work, it is the result of all the players that we defend well. Now we are going to think about doing things better offensively ”.


Happy for his debut and so is he. Slowly. He has almost no knee discomfort, which is the most important thing. It's the first game, we've had three weeks to get into this LeagueWe have only played one friendly match and little by little we are going to get better. We missed the goal, but in the end this works ”.


“We have a team and some players and it is true that I have to choose. Today I have chosen like this. We are going to think about another game, but I have nothing against any player. As I said before, I did not want to change the drawing and had to Karim and I didn't want to because it was fine.

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