Zidane: "We want our fans to be proud of us"

NEWS | 02/25/2020 | Javier Vázquez | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

"We have to make a good game and give our best because in the end it's about that," said the coach.

Zinedine Zidane attended the media in the Ciudad Real Madrid after the last training prior to the first leg of the round of 16 against Manchester City (Wednesday, 9:00 p.m., Movistar Champions League). The coach said: “We want our fans to be proud of us. As always we will give the maximum we have inside. We know that the Champions League returns, the importance of the game, how beautiful it is and we will give it our all. For the players and for the fan who will come to see their players. ”

“We know the opponent we are going to play against, it's a very good team. He has shown and will come playing well. What we have to do is make a good game because in the end it's about that. Do your best, but think about what we are doing well lately and not for having made two games with bad results, think about that. We are playing well and we have to get a good game tomorrow. ”

The City, an offensive team

“There are many teams that like to have the ball. You are going to play against a team that has virtues and we have to cancel what they do well. There are teams that have many resources and Manchester City has many things. It will not change anything we are going to prepare. ”

Is it like a Classic?

“You can interpret all the matches like this because there are two very good rivals that they will face. You can talk about the Classic, the derby or whatever. In the end it's a pretty nice match, I'm convinced. ”


“Here the importance belongs to everyone. Not only of Casemiro Y Valverde. We know the importance of all the players here, what they have to do is be prepared, it is a very nice week to play and the players what they want is to make this type of matches and we are delighted. ”

Hazard's injury

“I am not who to tell you if you had to operate or not. There are very competent people, who know about that. What I can tell you is the state of Eden. He is upset, he is not happy and we are not glad of his injury. We are a little bad because he wanted to return with us, he wanted to give what we know he can give and in the end he could not because he has been injured again. I hope that when I return, I will return completely well. It's what he wants, what we want and that's it. It is a difficult time for him. I can tell you what I see in his eyes. It is important for your injury to think positive. Now is a bad time for him and for a few days it will be like that. Imagine what you are living. He can't be happy. ”


"The reality is that it is a Real Madrid-Manchester City. There is no Guardiola-Zidane. In the end it is a football match and what people want to see is a match between these two teams. It's a beautiful game, we're happy because we always want to play these games and that's it. I say that Guardiola is the best coach in the world because he has always shown it. First in Barcelona, ​​then in Bayern, now in City. There are a lot of coaches in football, but that's why I tell you that he is the best for me. ”

“We are not afraid to play against Guardiola. I spent a few days with him when I was at Bayern, talking about how to manage a team and he was very sincere, open and I learned many things talking to him. There were many talks and he was very sincere. We spent two days there well, but now I am not going to tell you what I can recover or not. Then everyone does it in their own way. But it was very interesting. ”

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