Zidane: "We work hard and strong and win thanks to that"

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NEWS | 10/22/2019 | Alberto Navarro (Istanbul) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba / Helios de la Rubia

"We had many scoring chances with very good plays," said the coach.

The coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine ZidaneHe answered the questions of the media in the press room of Ali Sami Yen after the victory against Galatasaray: “I am happy for the whole team because there are many criticisms, it is not an easy field and we play with personality. It is important to win when there is a match every three days, and today we leave concentrated from the first minute. We entered the game very well, but they created us twice. You can pass. Our start of the game was very good. ”

“We have had many scoring chances with very good plays and I would have liked to score the second and even the third because this way we lowered the pressure of the rival. With 0-1 they have believed in drawing until the end, but we were concentrated from 1 to 90. We work hard and strong and win thanks to that. ”

Rodrygo and Valverde

“They are squad players and I made the decision to play Rodrygo. He is playing well and training well. In 4-3-3 their normal position is far right and we are happy with their game. It won't change anything with him. Today you just have to think about this match. He is a player of the first team and can play with the Castile. Today he has done well and I'm happy with his performance. We'll see what happens with him in the next game. ”

The players have made a huge effort and we deserved the victory.

“This is football. We have won many things, but it is past. I know where I am and the position I have. Today the players have responded very well in the field. They have made a huge effort and we deserved the victory. ”


“He knows he is a captain and is taking things normally. I'm glad for him because we are all in the same boat and everyone must contribute something to the team. He does it not only playing but also giving instructions and helping when needed. ”


“In the first part it has been important because they have had two clear occasions and saved us. Today clearly has had two very good interventions. It has saved us because it is not the same to go behind on the scoreboard. ”


“I don't think I'm frustrated. The important thing is to create occasions and usually puts them. I'm not worried and neither is he. It will get better. The important thing was to play a good game as a team. ”

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