Zidane: "With patience and team spirit we achieved a very important victory"

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NEWS | 07/09/2020

"Without suffering you cannot achieve great things in football," said the coach.

He Real Madrid He took an important victory in a very close match against Getafe. After the game, Zidane He assessed the match at a telematic press conference: “Today we have to be happy, we have done a phenomenal team effort, it was a difficult match with an opponent that has put us in difficulties, but in the end with patience and team spirit we managed a very important victory ”.

“We work well, but the most important thing is the conviction of the players. When it comes to defending, thinking as a team, everyone is involved. As soon as we lose the ball we defend and we are doing very well. Perhaps it is lacking a little more freshness offensively, but the truth is that the team is very solid and we want to continue like this because this is our strength. ”


“It doesn't show because he is inside, but the coach, like the players, we are suffering because the games have to be worked on. We have no easy times at any time. In the end it is what we like because without suffering you cannot achieve things ”.

A defense to be champion

“We are doing things well and it is not easy because we play every three days and every three days it is a world. The difficulty of winning the games, today again, the other day in Barcelona … In the end for us this is like this. Much remains and we must continue with what we are doing. 5 finals are missing, if we continue with our solidity that is good. Now we have to recover well because we have a game on Sunday at 2 in the afternoon and we have to think about recovering well ”.

The most important thing is the conviction of the players. When it comes to defending, thinking as a team, everyone is involved.

“The key is the players. They are the ones on the field and they know that there are complicated moments. Without suffering you cannot achieve great things in soccer. My role is to transmit, when there is a difficult moment, to be calm and patient, to be positive. It is what has happened, but it is they who are in the field and then believe in what we do. It's about that. "


“The changes are used for that, to change the dynamics of the team. It is not that we were doing it wrong, but we needed a plus and that is why the whole squad is important. Everyone can contribute their things and that is what made the changes. It is true that it was to occupy the bands well and the goal comes from a play with Carvajal in the band".

Another goal from Ramos

“Our captain is our leader on the field, but also outside. He is an unrepeatable player, he is unique and we know what he transmits to everyone else. I'm happy for him for his goal because when it comes to shooting a penalty he has a lot of confidence. It's almost 80 minutes and the effort of Carvajal in the goal it belongs to the whole team. We know that with patience and tranquility we can score goals. This is what happened, the last 20 minutes with freshness we made a very important result. We have to congratulate all the players because what we are doing is not easy ”.


“Right now it is not right because it is a blow to the cervix. He has gone home and the doctor is going to see him and we will see from tomorrow. We are not going to risk anything. It was a strong blow and tomorrow we will see exactly what it has. ”

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