Zidane: "You have to be proud and happy with what the boys did"

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NEWS | 10/04/2020 | Rodrigo Salamanca

"In a game you have to suffer to win," said the coach.

He Real Madrid added its third consecutive win. After the match against Levante, Zidane He appeared in the press room and said: "We started the first half very well and the 10 and 15 minutes of the second. We had two or three times in the second half. What we wanted was to press up and two or three times they came out of that pressure. You have to be proud and happy of what the boys did ”.

"We just started the League and we have played four games, with a balance of three wins and one draw. I would have liked to have put the second in the first half or in the fifteen minutes of the second. If you put it, the meeting changes.

The rival

“There is a rival ahead and he has good and strong moments; this is football. In the end we suffer and in a match we have to suffer to win. They have had good moments, with two or three occasions in the second half and it is normal in a game ”.

We are left with the positive, which is three more points, with a 0-2 and a clean sheet.

"I'm not worried about the lack of a goal. We have just started the season and we can improve many things. If you are not well during the 90 minutes, the important thing is to add and today we add. Courtois He is a part of the team and of course he has saved us. All goalkeepers want to save the team sometime. We create chances, that's good and we have to continue like this. We are going to try to make our goal suffer less ”.

Vinicius Jr.

“Today he has. What am I going to ask you? He tries to work and improve. You have to be happy. I'm not going to talk about a failure, but about the positive and his goal, which was beautiful.

Clean sheet

“It doesn't leave me bad feelings. It's true that Levante have had a couple of occasions, but I'm not worried. We know that we can grant less and that is what we are going to try to do. We are left with the positive, which is three more points, with a 0-2 and a clean sheet. We can all be happy ”.

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