Zidane: "You have to be proud of the team, it has been an excellent season"

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NEWS | 08/07/2020

"In the second half, when we were better, they scored the second goal," explained the coach.

Zinedine Zidane appeared at a telematic press conference after the match at the Etihad Stadium and appreciated the season of the Real Madrid: “We cannot be happy because we lose a game, we lose a qualification, but we have to be proud of what we did all season. This is football, we lost two games against a good opponent and we have to accept it. We had our chances to score and we missed that, especially in the second half, when we were better. 95% of what we did in the season was excellent and today we have to accept it ”.

“You have to be very proud of the team, of what we did. It has been an excellent season. Today the players are not happy because they always want to win and when they lose it is like that. You have to be very proud of what the players did because when you give everything on the field it is the most important thing. The rival had their chances today and they did well ”.

Give everything

“When we lose we cannot be happy and what we did is have a very good season. The important thing today was to give everything on the pitch and that's what we did. We have surely missed something, but we have to be happy. Next year we will see what we will do. For the moment we have to finish. Go all to rest a little and then we will see ”.

The match

“When you lose something is always missing. A tie is two games and today there was the possibility of changing the result. In the second half, when we started playing 1-1, we had the chance to score and it was not possible. We are not going to look for excuses because there aren't any. You have to congratulate your rival and be happy. I thank all the players for what they did all year ”.


"We've talked. We cannot be happy after this match. I don't want to think about what we have done wrong but about what we have done well. Tonight we finished on a bad note, but at some point we have to accept defeat, since we have lost both games and although we are not happy because we had a good adversary, what we have shown is that we wanted to give everything, we wanted to win and It has not been".


"He is okay. He has made his match. Everyone can have an opinion, but the player was physically well without discomfort or anything, which in the end is the most important thing ”.


“Others have played. On these occasions when a team loses you can always look for things. Vinicius Jr. could enter and another player too. I am the coach and today there have been others, nothing more. Each one of us could give an opinion from the outside, it's normal. I am the coach and you could change before and another player, as you can always say, but that is not going to change things. The changes today have been these and it has not been possible and there is no need to look for excuses for anything ”.


"I'm here. I am the coach of Real Madrid and that's it. There are no more questions to ask in this regard. Now we have to rest and then we will all return to have a great season ”.

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