Zidane: "You have to raise your head and stay strong"

NEWS | 02/06/2020

"Our fans have encouraged the whole game and we also made a second part thanks to them," said the coach.

Zidane appeared in the press room of the Santiago Bernabeu after the meeting before the Real Sociedad, corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey: “The feeling is bad because we lose the game at home. We started badly, it could not be, we have tried until the end. The second part was much better and even with the 1-4 we have tried until the end. We have fought, the opponent has played very well and we were bad in the first part especially in the pressure, we have had many difficulties, and then we had defensive errors.

“Sad yes, because when something is lost something has happened. We must analyze, until this game we did phenomenal and not today. You can pass. Nothing will change in what we now have ahead of us. We will continue with what we are doing, it is a bad time because the game has been complicated especially in the first part. We must thank the support of our audience, which has encouraged the entire game to the players. We did a second part as well thanks to our hobby. ”


"It hurt. We must tell the truth, nobody likes defeat, but we already have a game on Sunday and we are going to focus on it. We have to recover and we have to continue, there is no other choice. It is done. He passed".

Similarities with the defeat of the Leganés

“No, none. It is not the same game, it is not the same rival. There were two games against Leganés. We lost here playing badly. Today we also play against a very good opponent, but this is football and we must also accept these matches. We have to raise our heads and continue strongly with what we are doing. ”


“The template is always involved. We are all together here and in the end it is a bad game today. Four goals are true that they are many and they hurt, but they will not change anything in the plan to rotate. Players have always demonstrated and will continue to demonstrate. I believe in this template and what you have to do now is to get up and keep working very hard because this game will not change anything. ”


“When I put a team together, it can do well. It is easy to comment later. I do not think we were wrong in the team, there is a rival who plays, they did very well, they scored the first and it cost us. We had mistakes that the team doesn't usually do, but nothing to do with the lineup. Here we are all, with a victory we are all and when it is lost we are all together ”.


“I was not in a position to play. There were other players and you don't have to look for excuses. We know the quality of Casemiro and what you can give us, but in the end others played. ”

Slow VAR rhythm

“It can harm. But this is not going to change, the referee has to wait to be told yes or no and that's it. This is not going to change".

He still has to win the Cup

“This is football. In the Cup We lose, now there is another game, that's it. You could miss a game of League and win this one, but it's not like that. You have to think about Sunday in the League and that's it. ”

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