The Uruguayan has scored against all LaLiga teams he has faced: 28 of 28!


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The players of the first Barça team wear a mention of the cause in Saturday's game against Mallorca


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The Catalans enslave the Balearic team with an exhibition of Messi who has made a hat-trick the day he has shown his 6th Golden Ball at Camp Nou


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The Uruguayan has scored against all LaLiga teams he has faced: 28 of 28!


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2-2: Castile escapes victory in the last minutes

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CHRONICLE | 12/07/2019 | Rodrigo Salamanca | PHOTOGRAPHER: María Jiménez

The whites traced a 0-1 to the Madrid International, but could not maintain the advantage in the second half with one less man.

  • Spanish League 2nd B G. I
  • 16th day
  • 12/07/2019
Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium
He Real Madrid Castilla deserved more in the Alfredo Di Stefano in front of the Madrid International. The set led by Raul traced before reaching the break somewhat of Rufo in the 3 ’thanks to the goals of Fidalgo and Marvin. However, the subsidiary had to play almost the entire second half with one player less after the expulsion of De la Fuente and conceded the goal of the draw only four minutes to the end.

The meeting began with great intensity and Feuillassier He warned with a shot that he left touching the stick. White opportunity followed by the visitors' first goal. Long pass from the defense that controls Rufo, and beat Belman and De la Fuente with a petroleum jelly (3 ’). The Madrid fans responded again through Feuillassier, but Felipe shot him.

Getafe B, at Alfredo Di Stéfano, will be Castilla's next opponent.

The insistence of Castile It paid off and the goal came within half an hour of play. Penalty for hand in the area of ​​Simón, which transformed Fidalgo and added his fourth target this season. In the added time, came the goal of the comeback. Corner for whites who Pedro, with the head, yields to Marvin to beat Felipe and put the 2-1.

Numerical inferiority

After the break, the game was defined by the multiple interruptions by the two teams and in one of those From the source He was ejected for a yellow double in the 57th minute. Despite enduring almost the entire second half in numerical inferiority, Rufo achieved the tie of the Madrid International in the final moments (86 '). Even so, the whites did not give up since Pedro and Javi Hernandez They were close to dialing. Castilla scored in a match where he deserved to take the victory.


2-Real Madrid Castilla: Belman, Fran García, De la Fuente, Feuillassier (Gila, 61 ’), César (Martín, 61’), Fidalgo, Guillem, Javi Hernández, Blanco, Marvin and Pedro.
2-Madrid International: Felipe, Aitor (Joao, 80 ’), Llanera, Nouman (Boselli, 60’), Rufo, Ramos, Del Pozo, Bonaldo (Aythami, 74 ’), Junior, Herrero and Simón.

(min. 3): Rufous
(min. 32): Fidalgo, of penalty.
(min. 45): Marvin
(min. 86): Rufous

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Initial eleven of Castilla before the Madrid International

NEWS | 12/07/2019

They will play: Belman, Fran García, De la Fuente, Feuillassier, César, Fidalgo, Guillem, Javi Hernández, Blanco, Marvin and Pedro.

He Real Madrid Castilla he already has an initial eleven for the meeting of the 16th day of League, which will play against the Madrid International in the stadium Alfredo Di Stefano (19:00 hours; Realmadrid TV).

Initial eleven of Castilla

1. Belman;
3. Fran García;
5. From the Source;
7. Feuillassier;
9. César;
10. Fidalgo;
12. Guillem;
15. Javi Hernández;
16. White;
20. Marvin;
21. Pedro.

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Zidane: "We have to be happy because we continue with the good run"

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NEWS | 12/07/2019 | Javier Vázquez | PHOTOGRAPHER: Jesús Troyano

"Vinicius Jr. has done very well after not playing much and that is the important thing for me," said the coach.

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room of the Santiago Bernabeu after the victory of Real Madrid against him Spanish. The coach analyzed the result of the match: “Every game has its history and today we have to be happy because we continue with our good streak. Of course we can do much better, but we played a very serious game respecting the opponent from minute one at the end. This is not two or three games of League, is missing a lot. This is long term and you have to keep putting in many ingredients to keep winning. ”

“It's a game suffered, the opponent had things and they have shown it. They do not deserve where they are on the table and we have lacked a bit of fluidity in our game, especially in the second part, that we made a round trip and that does not suit us. In the end we get a good result and it is very important for us. They are three very important points and to continue as we are doing ”.

Vinicius Jr.

“The important thing is that the player wants to score goals, it is his job and it is necessary to highlight what he has done, that he has done very well. He entered the game very well offensively and defensively, like everyone else. Also, playing less lately has touched him and he has done quite well. He always has to work and he does it. The goals come with confidence, the important thing is to make one and then enter this dynamic. But I see beyond, he has done very well after not playing many games and that is the important thing for me. ”

Does Vinicius demand that he score?

"No. The goal is a consequence of what the team does on the field, you can score one or the other, as Rafa today (Varane) I think there are 15 and those who have scored and I do not ask any of that because it is the most difficult. The important thing is what we always put on the board, it is work when we do not have the ball and work when we have it, and lately we are doing quite well. ”


"Valverde It has room for many years here, it is proving it. He is an important player, like everyone else. He is very young and at the time of playing it does not cost him, neither with the ball nor without the ball and when he plays he does it well. Now we are many. For example, in the middle, Isco He hasn't played today and I like that all players are ready because there are many games and I like that they are all involved. Today is what happened, each one when it is his turn does well. This is very long. We will have many games and every three days you have to do it very well. Already next week we have again the Champions"


“He has to endure again. Until when I do not know. Anyway it has 4 cards, we cannot change this. We are going to watch the games, they also asked me before how we are going to do with the sides, but the important thing today is to enjoy what we did today. We have to be happy about our game, and then we'll see what will happen next week. ”


“We always talk with the players. We know the importance of Modric. He has not had many injuries, he can endure a lot and many games because he has a physique to continue playing many games, but it is true that I have to do these rotations from time to time, but not to rest ModricI see him well. At his age I had it more complicated. He knows that from time to time we skip a game, but he can endure very well physically. ”


“I am lucky to be here with them. I take advantage every day, but it is they who fight in the field. We have a very good squad, it is important to train well every day and then play well and we are in it, but knowing that there is still a lot, and let's not forget where we come from. ”

Foul throwers

“There is an established order and it works before a match. To speak of this fault, it was a bit distant, and could also go to the goal, but yes, there is an order to throw the faults.

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Varane: "We have been strong and solid to not score goals"

NEWS | 12/07/2019

"Feeling people supporting us is another motivation to continue along this line," Valverde explained.

Raphael Varane, Valverde and Rodrygo attended the media at the end of the victory of the Real Madrid against Espanyol (2-0). Varane, author of the first goal, said: “It has been a very disputed match against a rival who has run a lot, has pressured us and required us to give a good physical level. We have been strong and solid to not score goals and we have been patient to find the goal. "

"I think we have played a good game and we have been quite good. We have tried to do our football but it is true that we have missed that last pass to do more damage. We are a team. The strikers help us and we also do them. It is a collective work and I am happy and happy for the goal ”.

Streak without losing

“We are with more confidence, at a good physical level and in a good dynamic. We must continue because we have some complicated games to end the year and we will give it our all ”.

First yellow to Mendy

“They are doubtful plays and from where I am it doesn't look good. After the second yellow we have endured the remaining time well. We have kept the goal to zero and that is very good. ”

Valverde: "We are seizing the moment"

“I always try to contribute something. Communication with Casemiro and Kroos It is essential and I try to move and look for the ball and go deeper. This is a team work and of Zidane both in matches and in training and we are doing quite well. ”

Rodrygo: "Play with this shirt and be a starter always like and I will fight every day for it."

“The coach asks us to try to reach the goal and add people in the area. So I try to do it and today we did it well and an example is the second goal, which reached the bottom line and managed to pass the ball so that Benzema I dialed".

Good dynamics

“Beyond work is the satisfaction and motivation of winning. We are seizing the moment and enjoying with our people. Feeling people support us shows and helps us to move forward. ”

Rodrygo: "We are very happy for the victory"

“When it comes to Real Madrid We must always win and we are very happy for today's victory. Playing with this shirt and being a starter always like it and I will fight every day for it. ”

Connection with Vinicius Jr.

“Vinicius is a great player. He played again very well as we expected from him. It's always good for everyone to play a game like that. Its great feature is that it plays very direct. During training he always talked. Today we had the opportunity together, although we were far away, he on the left and I on the right. We are players who improvise and understand each other only with our eyes ”.

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Real Madrid reaches 1,700 victories in the League

NEWS | 12/07/2019

It is the first team that reaches this figure in the history of the championship.

He Real Madrid added to his Espanyol his 1,700 victory in the League. Of these, 1,094 have been obtained at home and 606 at home. No other team in the history of the competition has achieved so many wins. Barcelona (1,645), Atlético (1,292), Athletic (1,239) and Valencia (1,230) are the ones closest to the Real Madrid numbers.

The first victory came on February 10, 1929 against Europe (5-0). Half a thousand was achieved on December 27, 1964 against Sevilla (4-0), also at home. The 1,000 win came on September 2, 1990 against Castellón (1-0), and 1,500, this time at home, on March 31, 2012 against Osasuna (1-5).

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Zidane, fourth coach with the most wins at Real Madrid

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NEWS | 12/07/2019 | Alberto Navarro

The Frenchman has already achieved 121 victories and matches the Beenhakker numbers.

Zinedine Zidane added his victory 121 against Espanyol on the bench Real Madrid and is already the fourth white coach with the most official wins. The French are now separated by seven victories from Mourinho (128). Forest (133) and Miguel Muñoz (357) are the remaining technicians ahead.

Fourth with more League matches

Further, Zidane has matched Molowny as technical room of Real Madrid with more matches of League. Both add 122 on the bench. Beenhakker (139), Forest (153) and Miguel Muñoz (424) are the ones who have directed the most meetings.

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