Challenge 2019, a commitment to social inclusion

Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which aims to empower them for an inclusive, equitable and sustainable development of society.

From this cross-sectional approach to inclusion, the work that the National Dramatic Center develops with this group is also considered, and which is included in its master plan that Ernesto Caballero launched in 2012. Some of the lines of work that have been implemented or reinforced since then they are: the improvement of accessibility to their shows, activities, scholarships or the creation of the festival 'A different look', which has already celebrated seven editions.

Since 2013, this contest directed by Inés Enciso and Miguel Cuerdo has been a platform that promotes and establishes the presence of artists with disabilities in the regular programming of the exhibition centers. 'A different look' has stimulated, supported, developed and publicized inclusive scenic projects and has made visible the capabilities and work of artists with functional diversity, to collaborate in the normalization and professionalization of the inclusion of creators with functional diversity in the performing arts in our country.

In the 2018/2019 season, the CDN took another step towards achieving this objective, betting on continuing projects and investing in theater research under the name of ‘Challenge 2019’. Thus, throughout this year there have been calls such as “¡Project me! ”, In which inclusive scenic projects have been advised such as, among others,“Tribes”, By Nina Raine, directed by Julián Fuentes Reta, or“ ¡¡Get tangled up! ”, In which scenic research has been provided to professionals such as Mateo Rubistein, Juanfra Rodríguez and María San Miguel.

Likewise, inclusive reading clubs have been held in institutions such as the Instituto Cervantes and the Network of Public Libraries of the Community of Madrid and workshops on culture and diversity together with AECID and the Center for Show Technology.

Accessible functions

In addition, the National Dramatic Center is adhering to the ‘Accessible Theater’ initiative, which since 2011 works to bring culture to people with hearing, visual or intellectual disabilities.

This season, accessible functions of up to nine mounts will be offered. After “Mother Courage and her children" and "Celia in the revolution”, The following that can be enjoyed –with overtitling and audio description- are for the works“Signed Lejárraga”(December 19 and 20) and“Divine words”(January 9 and 10).

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In December, four new releases at the CDN

A month full of premieres is coming for all tastes. December comes seeded from shows that range from one of the great classics of the twentieth century through two proposals of our most current dramaturgy to the replacement, for the success obtained, of a piece released last season.

A) Yes, Signed Lejárraga, by Vanessa Montfort, under the direction of Miguel Ángel Lamata, rescued last April, within the cycle "In large print", the figure of the writer and deputy María Lejárraga, and claimed her name hidden behind a story of anonymity and silence Between December 4 and 22 we will have the opportunity to relive this act of historical justice on the tables that both triumphed in its premiere.

On the other hand, on December 11 and 12 there will be the premiere of two new productions of the CRC that address two major issues: that of housing as a reflection of the economic and values ​​crisis that characterizes our days; and the debate about the gender roles passed through the sieve of irreverence, irony and absurd humor that characterize the style of the theater company in Vilo. Tenant (Numancia 9, 2ºA), by Paco Gámez, you can see it in the Princess Room of the María Guerrero Theater; and Man up It is the proposal of Andrea Jiménez and Noemi Rodríguez that will house the Francisco Nieva Room of the Valle-Inclán Theater.

For its part, the main hall of María Guerrero will host, from December 13 to January 19, one of the top works of the Spanish dramaturgy: Divine words from Valle-Inclán, he will once again shake consciences with his mordacity and his timeless mastery, with the direction and dramaturgy of José Carlos Plaza.

The children's audience will also have its place: a new appointment with Titerescena, our annual cycle of family shows. In December he visits us Vulgarcito, a fun assembly of object theater by the Salamanca company La Chana Theater.

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Guided visits to the theater: upcoming appointments

Within your pedagogical program ‘Spectator School‘, The National Dramatic Center offers the possibility of knowing the two venues in which it operates, the María Guerrero Theater and the Valle-Inclán Theater.

The guided tours of the CDN aim to bring the world of theater closer to the educational community explaining all the facets of a staging, in addition to showing the artistic and cultural heritage of its two buildings: the María Guerrero Theater, which was declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1996 and the Valle-Inclán Theater, which received the 2007 National Architecture Award.

The tour lasts approximately one hour and thirty minutes. It offers a historical synthesis of the venue and shows both the public area and the stage or technical area of ​​the theater, thus trying to publicize all the professions that are developed around a theatrical function.

These visits are specially designed for groups of schoolchildren – mainly from the last ESO and Bachelor courses – and constitute a valuable experience to broaden knowledge and foster interest in the performing arts culture in the youth audience, in addition to giving them Know the architecture of a theater and the professions associated with the scene.

Guided tours are free and are reserved at the beginning of each season. Thus, every year an average of 200 groups pass through our headquarters between September and July, which means around 4,500 students, many of whom have their first contact with the theater directly through this experience. 80% of those who visit us are groups of educational centers, secondary schools, high schools, professional modules and universities. The rest are cultural associations.

This week we will receive at the María Guerrero Theater the visit of two groups, from the Colegio Liceo San Pablo in Madrid.

We want to thank the school community for the magnificent reception of this initiative throughout all its editions.

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Cipriano Rivas Cherif, new video of ‘Our Theater’

Rivas Cherif stars in a new documentary piece that the CDN, with the collaboration of the Theater Documentation Center and the National Theater Museum, has developed to shed light and pay tribute to his figure. This video is part of the series “Our theater”, An initiative within the“Spectator's School”Which aims to bring the public to some of the authors, directors, montages and scenic currents that have marked the direction of the contemporary Spanish scene. This series has focused on such prominent figures as Valle-Inclán, María Guerrero, Lorca or Miguel Mihura, to name a few.

Cipriano Rivas Cherif was a director, set designer, playwright, as well as an outstanding renovator of our theater and pedagogue (he founded the TEA, an innovative school that would lay the foundations for a new academic structure in the field of performing arts). Inspired by its spirit of dialogue and innovation, the CDN created in 2012 the Rivas Cherif Laboratory, a theatrical research project with permanent headquarters in the El Mirlo Blanco Room of the Valle-Inclán Theater, which for five editions offers a space for experimentation and training for creators, actors and other agents in the sector.

In addition, on November 18, the María Guerrero Theater hosted an act of homage to Rivas Cherif within the cycle “Mondays with voice”, With a round table that delved into his figure and a dramatized reading of a work of his own.

You can check the entire documentary series ‘Our Theater’ HERE

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Mondays with voice: tribute to Rivas Cherif

Next Monday, November 18, the National Dramatic Center organizes a tribute to Cipriano Rivas Cherif, the director, set designer, playwright, outstanding innovator of our theater and founder of the TEA (Theater School of Art), whose headquarters was the María Guerrero Theater and which since 2012 gives name to our theater research laboratory.

The act, framed within the cycle “Mondays with voice”, Will feature Juan Aguilera, Manuel Aznar, Fernando Doménech and Begoña Riesgo in a round table moderated by Ernesto Caballero.

Next, there will be a dramatized reading of the play by the honored playwright “What does Irene mean?”, Directed by Aitana Galán and with a cast composed of: Silvia Espigado, Gloria Albalate, Jorge Machín, Agnes Kiraly, Juan Alberto López, Marina Andina, Fernando Romo, Sara Sánchez and Mariano Rochman, in addition to musicians Pablo Hernández and Alex Huelves.

In addition, the video of the series “Our theater”Dedicated to Rivas Cherif.

The event will take place at the Guerrero Theater from 8 pm to 10 pm Free entry until complete seats.

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The CDN organizes the cycle of conferences «Women in the Spanish scene»

The history of Spanish theater is full of great female figures. Many began as actresses towards the end of century XVI (anticipating in several centuries the presence of women in the public sphere) and, over time, their presence in the trade was expanding towards writing, stage direction or even business management, although many of their names have fallen into oblivion and in most cases his work has not been sufficiently vindicated.

To give visibility to the essential contributions of women in the performing arts, the National Dramatic Center (CDN) –Unit dependent on INAEM– dedicate the second season of his cycle «In large print» to four relevant figures of female dramatic writing: Concepción Arenal, María Lejárraga, Teresa Gracia and Ana Diosdado. Their trajectories will be approached by renowned contemporary writers and theater researchers, who will contextualize their biographies and their works, some of which will star in the dramatized readings with which these meetings will culminate. Appointments, free admission, will take place every Monday at 20 hours at María Guerrero Theater.

The first of the sessions will be held this Monday, October 21st in collaboration with the Pontevedra Deputation and will be titled «From 1580 to Doña María Guerrero and Concepción Arenal ». The writer will participate in it Anna Caballe, the drama teacher of the RESAD, Fernando Doménech, and the theater critic and researcher Eduardo Pérez-Rasilla, as a moderator. After the round table the dramatized reading of «He is not a servant, he is a man», from Arenal Conception, in which they will participate Maria Besant Y Carlos Jiménez-Alfaro, among other interpreters.

«From Doña María Guerrero to the Civil War» it will be the title of the second conference that, connecting with the previous one, will be given by the novelist and playwright Vanessa Montfort Y Eduardo Pérez Rasilla, moderated by Fernando Doménech. The text will be dramatized «Tragedy of the bitch life», from María Martínez Sierra (pseudonym of María Lejárraga), with Lucio Baglivo Y Maria Besant.

The day November 4 the writer Laura Freixas and the researcher Berta Muñoz will offer the talk «From the Civil War to the Transition (Spain and exile)», moderated by Fernando Doménech. On this occasion a play by Teresa Grace, «The Republicans», with a cast headed by Maria Besant and the actor Jesus Gago.

The conference program will close it «From the Transition to today» he November 11th, a meeting in which the cultural manager will intervene Cristina Santolaria and the playwright Noelia Adánez, moderated by Eduardo Pérez-Rasilla. As last dramatized reading has been included «The mirror image», from Ana Diosdado, with the performances of Borja Luna Y Pedro Miguel Martinez.

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Meeting with the artistic team of «Las Bárbaras»

«It is the look of that new generation towards women who in the seventies were modern and liberated: What have you done with your life? What have you given up? It is a review of their lives. And also for me it is a song to friendship ».

Carol Lopez directs «The barbarians», a work that tells the reunion of Susi, Carmen and Encarna who, in their vital maturity, take stock of the achievements of their lives, with the aim of paying tribute to the generation of women who made their way in the struggle for women's rights In our country.

He National Dramatic Center (CDN) has organized for the next Tuesday, October 29 a meeting with the artistic team of «The barbarians». The director will participate in it Carol Lopez, the set designer Jose Novoa, the composer and singer Mary Rodés, as well as actresses Amparo Fernández, Mona Martínez and Ana Wagener.

The meeting will take place, after the show, in the Francisco Nieva Room of the Valle-Inclán Theater (Plazuela de Ana Diosdado s / n, Plaza de Lavapiés), in Madrid.

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El Valle-Inclán will host the exhibition «A walk through the scene»

On the occasion of the premiere of Celia in the revolution, he National Dramatic Center will host in the Valle-Inclán Theater «Contemporary Spanish Scenography. A walk through the scene » from Angel Martínez Roger, a photographic exhibition of the most important scenographic works made by Spanish creators in recent years.

The exhibition values ​​the activity of Spanish set designers throughout the last five years. It is perched on an urban plot of cities reviewed through the floors of its theaters and its surrounding streets.

Maps constructed and studied by a multidisciplinary research group coordinated by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. From the theater floors, as in a fruitful forest, the images of the chosen shows emerge.

In this way the visitor travels the urban plant approaching the theaters in whose scenarios the selected assemblies were released.

After passing through the Cervantes Institute of Prague on the occasion of the last edition of the Prague Quadrennial of Scenic and Scenic Space, the sample now goes to the Valle-Inclán Theater between November 6 and December 22.

The exhibition is organized by the National Institute of the Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), Spanish Cultural Action (AC / E), the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), the Royal High School of Dramatic Art (RESAD) and the Cervantes Institute.

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Students of the network of Spanish teaching centers in Morocco visit the National Dramatic Center

Almost thirty students belonging to the theater groups of the Spanish centers in Nador, Tetouan, Alhucemas, Larache, Tangier, Tetouan, Casablanca and Rabat visit between the 16th and 20th of October various exhibition and training centers of the INAEM. The delegation was received this morning by Fernando Cerón, deputy director general of INAEM Theater, and Ernesto Caballero, director of the National Dramatic Center.

The visit is part of an agreement between INAEM and the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training through the Ministry of Education of Spain in Morocco which includes, in addition to these cultural theatrical immersion days, the dissemination, exchange and support of the Spanish theatrical activity in Morocco.

The students will intervene in the Hall Theater Book at the Valle-Inclán Theater with a dramatized reading by the students themselves. They will also enjoy the representations of Mother Courage and Her Children at the María Guerrero Theater, The life is dream at the Comedy Theater, The Farmhouse at the Teatro de la Zarzuela. Finally they will visit the Technology Center of the show.

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Meeting with the artistic team of «Men who write in small rooms»

"Any individual, not only through the vote, but in their day-to-day life, can plan ways to resist or stand up to the power they have in front of them and that has an impact on their daily lives." This is the origin of the text of «Men who write in small rooms», a work that the author explains, Antonio Rojano"He talks about how ordinary people can continue to resist situations that are not desirable, in this case, the political and social reality we are living in our country."

The next Thursday, October 24, he National Dramatic Center (CDN) Organize a meeting with the artistic team of «Men who write in small rooms». In this the author will participate Antonio Rojano, director Victor Count, and the distribution of the work formed by Cristina Alarcón, Esperanza Elipe, Angy Fernández and Secun de la Rosa.

The dialogue will be held after the performance of the work, in the Princess Room of the María Guerrero Theater (Tamayo y Baus Street, 4, 28004 Madrid).

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