Heading into an atypical summer, it is time to report on the Minotauro news for June. Will finally come Hell, the hectic end of Carlos Sisí's vampire trilogy, Red. The Bradbury Year will continue to give us joy with the miniseries Green town and a commemorative edition: Martian Chronicles 100 Anniversary. Minotaur Essentials and Author Libraries will offer more powerful releases: Merchants from space by C. M. Kornbluth and Valis and Complete Tales III by Philip K. Dick.

In the Fantasy section, the successful reissue of The Wheel of Time and two books of Warhammer. Finally, fans of Game of Thrones You can enjoy a comprehensive guide to the mythology behind the saga created by George R. R. Martin.

Thanks for reading and take good care of yourself!

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The train continues moving and it is time to announce the Planeta Cómic news for June, the beginning of a different summer but full of good readings. The graphic novel Homeland de Toni Fejzula will finally shine in bookstores. An incomparable and chromatically spectacular adaptation of Fernando Aramburu's moving story. Without a doubt, a work of art in itself.

Star wars will provide a staple and two volumes starring Darth Vader. The Comic USA will stand out with installments of Game of Thrones, Die! Die! Die !, Paper Girls or Aftershockians Animosity and Hot Lunch Special. Finally, Japanese Manga will continue to demonstrate its variety and quality with Dragon Ball, Crater, your name., Fist of the North Star or Dragon head.

More information here

• Graphic Novel Outlet, USA, SW: 9/6.

• Manga exit: 23/6.

Thanks for reading and take care! See you in the bookstores!

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These days we have spent more time than ever at home and surely you have already read, worked, made videoconferences (and avoided the world at times) from each and every nook and cranny. Surely you have already rearranged the furniture, done wardrobe cleaning and have put your personal bookstore in order. And if it happened to you like us, surely you have found in hand with a book that you did not even remember having.

Time to take advantage of it! Reading, learning and, why not, enjoying some culinary delight now that we have more time for those little pleasures.

In this post we bring you 10 books so that this confinement gets down to business. With these readings we are sure that you can get more out of those ingredients that you have loose in the fridge, get a chef plan and take a leap in your culinary game or, why not, it is a good time to lose your fear of the stove and make your first little steps in the kitchen. So we invite you to put on your apron (and boots) with these kitchen and food manuals. 😜

1) Cooking day by day

In this book of Karlos Arguiñano 1095 recipes and 365 menus for the four seasons await you. Cheese and carrot ravioli, browned with green rice, quail with banana or eggplant lasagna.

In total, more than 365 menus with first, second and dessert, 1095 recipes divided by seasons that always emphasize fresh and seasonal products. In addition, the book proposes special menus for the most notable dates on the calendar, such as Christmas. So if you do not know where to start, or if you want to start thinking about how you are going to surprise your mother-in-law when she can visit you… let yourself be guided by the most beloved chef on television and be amazed by some delicious rich dishes.

2) eat real food

This book is for everyone. Because surely at some point or another in life (or confinement more specifically) we have been given to that type of food that wants to eat a lot but that is not necessarily the best fuel for our body.

Carlos Rios is the creator of the movement realfooding and in Eat real food offers us a practical guide to combat and banish the ultra-processed from our diet and eat real food again. Practical tips, tricks and recipes to eat healthy easily, quickly and richly await you in this book.

3) Unlimited vegetables

The chef Jose Andres A mission has been proposed: to change the way we see vegetables.

Known for his inexhaustible energy and wild imagination, the Asturian chef channels his thirty years of cooking and eating around the world in Unlimited vegetables, a passionate, surprising and delicious love letter to the vegetable kingdom. Bold ideas and explosions of genius that will help us see with different eyes the full potential of the world of plants.

If you are one of those people who for the New Year had set out to start eating better … this is the perfect opportunity to carry it out and enjoying the recipes that the chef offers us.

4) Stews always

If you enjoy homemade food and feel nostalgic for your grandmother's recipes, this is your book. Stews, stews, stews, stews, soups, rice, gazpachos, creams and much more await you in the book of Juan Pozuelo, a chef with a lot of experience between the stoves and with a very personal and personal style.

Discover more than a hundred spoon recipes, all perfectly explained so that anyone can incorporate them into their daily menu. Do you already know which dish you are going to start with?

5) Sustainable cuisine

This is not a recipe book, it is a book to learn how to make the most of your time on the stove and make the most of your food.

The chef of the Semproniana restaurant, Ada Parellada, brings us tips to learn how to reorganize our kitchen, make it more efficient and agile … and teaches us to eat healthier, more varied, tastier and above all, more fun. It also includes an extra tip that we are sure you will appreciate as much as we do: with this book we will learn to cook one day of the week and live on rent the rest of the days, something that will be great for us when the routine is again busier and we suffer for preparing tuppers. 🤭

6) Love, eat, live, shine

In this book of Elka mocker We will find a clean and respectful kitchen that bets on fresh, ecological and seasonal products and that inspires us to include more vegetable dishes in our daily lives that will conquer both our palates and our health.

Love, eat, live, shine It teaches us what is the difference between eating and feeding: eating is the act of chewing, swallowing and satiating; feeding is also an act of love. This is a perfect book to love food even more and take care of ourselves while enjoying ourselves.

7) Tapas, pintxos and toasts

We go with a good dose of flavor. Because we all like snacking, mixing ingredients and having a good time between snacks. Making tapas can be an excellent way to shake off stress with a simple but at the same time good diet, healthy, balanced and, of course, delicious.

In this book Xabier Gutiérrez brings us over a thousand recipes with which to cultivate one of the greatest hallmarks of Spanish gastronomic culture.

8) Mother kitchen

This is a tribute to traditional cuisine with 80 simple recipes to cook at home. Nothing more and nothing less than the chef's hand Joan Roca.

In Mother kitchen pays tribute to the mother's kitchen, tradition, updating … linked to a very emotional concept: that of the recovery and perpetuation of the most authentic dishes, the popular recipe book. Recipes without complications or technicalities but with all the quality touch of Joan Roca.

Starters, fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, sweets and the explanation of techniques will introduce you to a new way of enjoying the recipes of all time.

9) Happiness

The tribute book of Carme Ruscalleda, on the 30th anniversary of its acclaimed Sant Pau restaurant. In Happiness the chef presents us with a free, natural, tasty and pleasant cuisine, the kitchen that has been the key formula of her magic in front of the stove.

The story of the book starts from the current vision of its gastronomy to make a flashback and review the great moments of its gastronomic trajectory in different chapters, in which it reflects its style and its personal universe, from the Mediterranean to Japan. If you want to discover how a self-taught chef has managed to become the great lady of world cuisine, don't miss this reading.

10) Paella Power

And we couldn't finish a selection of cookbooks without mentioning one of the star dishes in Spanish gastronomy: paella.

In this book of Rodrigo de la Calle We will learn the recipes, techniques and secrets to prepare the best paellas in the world: from the classic Valencian paella to black rice, through to vegetable or seafood paella. And with the necessary techniques for each occasion, carefully detailed to become great rice experts. Little more will we need to become the kings and queens of Sundays.

If after this tour you have wanted to devour more readings, do not miss the selection of cuisine that we have prepared for you. And cook a lot and very rich these days!

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The machine does not stop and we continue to know more about its authors. Today we speak with Marta Salmons.

How did you enter the world of illustration / comics?
A while ago, I went to the Joso school to do the comic course with my friend where we already had the odd story in mind. At that time a teacher asked us for a portfolio to present in a project that was underway in France and there we took the first step as Skizocrilian Studio. Then we already introduced ourselves with Pechanko! in the manga contest carried out by Norma Editorial and hence we were known more nationally.

Your first contact with Planeta Manga was …
The editor contacted me directly, presented me with the idea of ​​the project and asked if I wanted to be part of the adventure. I doubted because we had already worked on a similar project in Skizocrilian for the French market but the desire to do a solo story again pushed me to continue.

How did the plot for MARCHITADO LIONEL come about?
It's been around a few times. The first idea of ​​the character was much more cynical and was intended for an extra story of another and the premise at the time was "Prota is bitter of his work and throws everything out." But when I started defining it I found that I wanted to tell a lot of things and concerns and I wanted it to be read independently. And has
ended up being somewhat more complex; this story boycotts me (ha, ha).

What do you do first: character creation or script? What is your usual work circuit like?
What was the first; the egg or the chicken? It depends if I work with someone else who passes the script to me, I attend to what the character and his descriptions suggest to me. If I take care of everything, I start the story with the characters a little at a time. I plan the distribution of the page, which can go and discard what is not. Then I'm going to clean it until I have the inking, put the wefts and fit and finish defining the dialogue.

How do you value the reception the magazine has had and what would you highlight about it?
I think it started off on the right foot, people seem to have liked it and aroused their interest. Its strong point is the diversity of genres and types of history, making it possible to interest a wide variety of readers who like to read everything.

Your favorite Planet Manga series is…
Committed question … I like to value the series when they are already finished and they just took off with what was published. They all have their what. By series they give me a good feeling Good game and Gryphoon and I would like to highlight the short stories that I have enjoyed Midori Boshi, Soulmate, Uroboros, the Witch and Heart Piece.

Next projects.
It remains to come out Mr. Lightfeet, short story of a couple of dancers that also appears in number 3 of the magazine Planeta Manga. And the project I'm working on for Webtoon now "The cold case detective". Then I don't know what will come. 🙂

Twitter: @Soryuden
Instagram: @marth_salmons

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Is your state of mind right now a set of onomatopoeias that you don't know exactly what they just meant? The same thing happens to us. 🙈

These days of confinement are being a challenge for all of us, be it in the workplace, due to the difficulty of reconciling with family life, due to the uncertainty of the world situation, due to confinement or a little bit of everything at the same time … AND it is clear that we are all trying to do our best. But, given the exceptional nature of the situation, it is totally normal that sometimes we feel a little outnumbered. To regain balance, put on the glasses of optimism, learn to deal with these uncomfortable feelings and ultimately to lift your spirits during this confinement, we propose a series of readings that are almost prescription. Will you accompany us to discover them?

If you don't know her, Silvia Congost She is one of the essential authors when it comes to well-being. In his book Alone It reveals something essential to us: not having a partner does not mean being alone. Learning to be alone can be the greatest adventure of our life and, confinement, the best time to put it into practice. Because not having a partner does not imply anything negative about us, it does not take away our value as human beings, it does not make us less interesting. It is true that loneliness can be scary, generate rejection and be seen in general with a negative connotation. Hence, we try to avoid it at all costs.

With this book we will discover that learning to be alone can be a fascinating journey into ourselves and make us more connected to the world and to ourselves.

The new novel by Elvira Lindo It travels our country through a century of great changes and contains a tribute to a generation, that of those who remained in Spain in the immediate postwar period, those who, without complaint or regret, concentrated on surviving.

From the empathetic and curious gaze of a great observer who knows how to transform every flash of memory into fiction, Elvira Lindo turns her parents into literary characters to approach them with freedom, lucidity and wisdom.

You will enjoy reading Open heartSure, but we are also convinced that it will make you see yours from a new perspective, consider things from a different point of view. I said, recommended. 👌🏻

If you don't know yet Ana Merino, these days of confinement are a very good opportunity to discover the winner of the 2020 Nadal Novel Prize.

The map of affections chase the trail of the people who build the hidden stories of the places. Places where absences are evoked, strange events, where inexplicable crimes occur … places where personal tensions coexist with family ones and where only the drive of good sediments the sediment necessary to continue living.

A map of those stories that may be happening in your neighborhood without you realizing it: love relationships where the age difference is the pattern, people who struggle to understand the meaning of love, how chance reconfigures everything without asking permission, the role of poetic justice or how the passage of time can be the highest arbiter.

If you want to discover to what extent affections mark the pulse of all things, don't miss Ana Merino's wonderful new novel.

When you think it's all over, it's not true. Everything starts. This is what happens to the protagonist of the last trilogy of Megan Maxwell: Estefanía has three children and has been happily married for twenty years. One day he discovers that the person he trusted has been cheating on him and that this "happily ever after" no longer exists.

"Little by little I am beginning to enjoy the freedom that my new marital status gives me and, why not, to meet Diego, the good neighbor of my parents' urbanization, for which all of them sigh. Until one afternoon he invites me to dinner ».

I'm a mom It is a perfect read to believe in new opportunities and learn to enjoy what life brings us.

A night in Paris. Two paths intertwining. And one thing for sure: there is nothing more eternal than a fleeting encounter.

After the success of Let it happen, Alice Kellen Come back to fall in love with the story of Ginger and Rhys. She lives in London and sometimes feels so lost that she has forgotten even her own dreams. He is unable to sit still anywhere and thinks he knows who he is. And every night their friendship grows between emails full of confidences, doubts and concerns …

We on the moon it is a story about love, destiny and the search for oneself. A delicious novel that reminds us that sometimes you only need to look at the moon to feel close to another person. Quite adequate for those of you who are confined away from that special person, right? 🙈

At point six of this list we bring you a romantic, smart and fun comedy for the Netflix generation, A movie love, written by Rachel Winters.

After seven years as an assistant, Evie Summers is ready to get the promotion she deserves. But the film agency where he works is on the tightrope, and Evie will lose his job if he can't convince his most important and arrogant client to finish writing the script for a romantic Hollywood comedy.

When the screenwriter confesses that nothing is written, Evie offers him a pact: if she can prove to him in just three months that it is possible to fall in love in real life like in a movie, he will write the script.

Are you dying to know how it goes on? Well, get a blanket and some snacks because as soon as you start reading you will surely not be able to stop for a second.

How do you live the only day in which we do what we really want? Something like what many are doing these days of home life, in which social imperatives are being a little forgotten …

Saturday night It is a captivating portrait of people, places and customs with the magnetic prose of the author of The burning library, Susan Orlean.

Why do we like them so much on Saturday nights? The author asked herself the same question and embarked on a trip across the United States that led her to meet and share her weekend with the most varied of American territory: from wealthy teenagers in Los Angeles to homeless people in New York, dancers polka in Maryland or university in Boston. A mosaic of voices to define that night of the week in which we put what we want before what we should do: Saturday night.

This book cannot be missing in a post where we talk about raising your spirits. Because Dr. Rojas tells us something very interesting: good things happen, but they need a plan.

Joining the scientific, psychological and human point of view, the author offers us a deep reflection, peppered with useful advice and with an eminently didactic vocation, about the application of our own abilities to the effort to give us a full and happy existence.
What can we do to achieve it? Knowing and optimizing certain areas of the brain, setting goals and objectives in life, exercising the will, starting emotional intelligence, developing assertiveness, avoiding excess self-criticism …

Definitely Marian Rojas It offers us a theoretical and practical guide so that we can achieve a good star through personal work. How is your luck lately, reader? 😉

In this book Curro Cañete invites us to become our own coach and to be our own guide, with guidelines and exercises so that we learn to feel good and to realize our true wishes and aspirations.

Because for the author, happiness is not only a destination, but also the path that we all must travel: Do you remember all the times you spoke badly to yourself? Of those fears that have scared you so many times? Of everything you have stopped doing for fear of what they will say? Leave all that behind! Now! There is no time to lose!".

With The power to trust you Cañete helps us to awaken the inner strength that we all have (even if we don't know it yet) and that will help us change our lives and go where we want to go. Are you ready for change?

And we are going with a hard truth that needs to be told: bullying or bullying. And the brave story of those who have suffered it and managed to overcome it: Angel Marble, author of the book Smile even if it costs you.

«Yes, I was bullied and many times I thought I would not get over it. The road was long and difficult, but in the end I smiled again. And I learned many important things: not to give up, to believe in myself and to be a better person. And that stalkers are also often victims. Many people helped me. Without them, surely I would not have come this far nor would I have had the courage to tell what I lived. Without them, perhaps today you would not be able to say: smile!».

Àngela Mármol is the first TikTok influencer who talks about her experience as a victim of bullying and who invites us to take a positive lesson, even in the most difficult situations. Without a doubt, a life lesson from which we can all learn something.

And so far our list of essentials for today, reader. We trust that among these books you will find a faithful companion who will help you to better spend these special days. And if you finish quickly with the list of titles that we have prescribed, We invite you to discover our selection of books to be happy. Which one are you going to start with?

Happy reading! ☺️📚

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Adapting to recent circumstances, FICOMIC has launched two virtual initiatives to continue its leading role in the world of comics. COMIC ON DEMAND and MANGA ON DEMAND. It is a whole series of virtual meetings organized by the entity, which make it possible to bring the essence of the salons they manage through technologies.

This Thursday 7, Comic Planet joins the MANGA ON DEMAND with a talk that you can not miss.



Date and Time: Thursday, May 7. 17h

Moderates and organizes: FICOMIC (Oriol Estrada and Meritxell Puig).


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We start this post with a phrase attributed to Paul Auster. The American writer used to say that "Reality does not exist if there is no imagination to see it."

And is that … how important is the imagination to understand what we have before our eyes? How many of us would have been told just a few months ago that we would be living in confinement due to a global pandemic … and would have thought it sounded like a science fiction plot?

And yet here we are.

We writing this post from home, teleworking, and you surely looking for a way to spend time at home in the most pleasant way possible.

On days like these it is especially important to exercise the imagination to get a new routine out of the hat and make the situation more bearable, to find new ways to communicate with our distant relatives, to know how to live better with those close to us, to be able to enjoy the leisure even without being able to go outside as we used to do.

So we are in love with books. Because they allow us to travel when it is not possible to cross the threshold, because they take us to other worlds when we do not want to be in ours, because they allow us to see things from a completely new point of view. And because although we are in a context dominated by the audiovisual where series and films call our senses … we will always keep a special corner (in our hearts and in our schedule) for literature.

In this post we want to share 10 phrases from famous writers that inspire us and that we trust will also tickle your minds of avid readers. Enjoy them and read, read and read!

one) «Of the various instruments invented by man, the most amazing is the book; all the others are extensions of his body … Only the book is an extension of the imagination and memory», Jorge Luis Borges.

2) «To travel far, there is no better ship than a book», Emily Dickinson.

3) "By the thickness of the dust in the books of a public library, the culture of a town can be measured", John Ernest Steinbeck.

4) «We read to know that we are not alone», William Nicholson.

5) «He who reads a lot and walks a lot, sees a lot and knows a lot», Miguel de Cervantes.

6) «Learning to read is lighting a fire, each syllable that is spelled is a spark», Victor Hugo.

7) «You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. You just have to stop people from reading them», Ray Bradbury.

8) «A book must be the ax that breaks the frozen sea within us», Franz Kafka.

9) «Learning to read is the most important thing that has happened to me. Almost 70 years later I clearly remember that magic of translating words into images», Mario Vargas Llosa.

10) «Do not read, as children do, for fun, or as the ambitious do, for the purpose of instruction. No, read to live», Gustave Flaubert.

We hope that all these phrases stimulate you and make you want to devour a new book, to discover a new author, to take a notebook and pen yourself and to try the craft of writing in first person… We leave you here some suggestions reading proposals and we hope that ultimately you will be very eager to continue stimulating the imagination through literature.

#KeepReadingEnCasa 🏡📚✨

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We know that this spring is not just any spring. Because it is being a confined spring. If we live alone, surely we are dedicating more time than usual to the hobbies that we had half parked … And if we share a flat, we may appreciate both the family time and being able to spend some time cultivating our personal space.

In this context and without it being our purpose to incite disputes … we must ask you something: what do you prefer in your house, reading the book or waiting for the movie to come out? 📖⚡🍿

It will not be us who will unravel a mystery that has been accompanying Humanity since the night of time but, in favor of calm and being at home with a lot of free time … why don't we enjoy both? That is why in this post we bring you a list of proposals for you to enjoy fiction, either on paper or on the move.

So if you get tired of the screens that we consult so much these days, you can take refuge in the wonderful solitude of a book. And if it gets dark and the light stops accompanying us, we can share the story with our roommates and devour together the new episode of that series that has us so hooked. Are you coming with us?

What of Dolores Redondo it is passion. Passion for writing, which overflows the author. And readers' passion for everything that comes from the author's mind. If you still do not know the Baztan Trilogy, take advantage of the days of confinement to immerse yourself in one of the most addictive readings of the moment and that has also been transferred to the screen so that you have the complete experience.

In fact, it has recently been released Legacy in the bones, the second installment of the trilogy, on Netflix … and it has been one of the biggest hits on the platform! It is also available on Movistar +, Vodafone TV, RakutenTV and Filmin.

And as for the story? It all begins in the valleys of Navarre that Redondo presents to us in the first novel: The invisible guardian. On the banks of the Baztan River, the naked body of a teenage girl appears in circumstances that put him in connection with a murder that occurred in the surroundings some time ago. The inspector of the homicide section, Amaia Salazar, will be in charge of directing an investigation that will take her back to Elizondo, a small town where she is from and from which she has tried to flee all her life.

Will you be able to find out who the killer is before turning the page?

These are two of the series of the moment, Netflix originals … that everyone talks about regardless of whether they are your flatmates, the group chat of those at work or your cousin from Valencia in a video call asking you what you are dealing with these days. They will recommend them to you, yes or yes.

In Elite We will live with its protagonists the intrigues, love stories and envies that take place in the Las Encinas institute, the most privileged training center in the entire State. And the scene of a crime that Melena, Janine, Mario, Paula and Gorka will have to solve. If after watching the series you want more, don't suffer because Editorial Planeta brings us Elite. At the back of the class: The first official novel in the series and the place to discover the intrigues and quarrels that you will never see on screen. And if you still want to know more about Las Encinas, take note: Elite. Pending subject. Soon, an essential book for fans of the series will arrive in bookstores, a volume in which uniforms and personal conflicts intermingle with a masked criminal who will spread panic among our protagonists. All just one year after the events that star in the Elite series. How will this year have been for Janine, Gorka or Melenas? And what does this course hold for you?

The enigmas continue with another of the phenomena of the moment: The paper house.

Sergio Marquina, better known as the Professor, spent a part of his childhood and adolescence in the San Juan de Dios hospital in San Sebastián, where he became friends with Jero Lamarca. In Jero's worst days, Sergio, who had a privileged mind back then, devised deduction mind games to keep his friend awake. On the days when Sergio's eyes tinted and he even forgot to speak, Jero brought him back, teaching him how to make paper bow ties.

Fate wanted them to have to part without just being able to say goodbye, but the ties that the two children wove are indestructible.

It has been a while since the robbery that took place at the National Mint and Stamps. Today, while Jero was collecting the few things that still remain in the motorcycle workshop where he is forced to close, he receives a package without a return address. Inside, an unsigned letter, a notebook, a box with a padlock, a photo of a Dalí mask and a red paper bow tie. Jero has no doubts. Out there, Sergio Marquina has left a part of the loot hidden, a new opportunity. You just have to unravel the clues to find it. And if you also want to join the mental game that has thousands of followers trapped on Netflix, don't miss the proposal made by Lunwerg: The paper house. Escape Book. Teacher's journal. Hours and hours of entertainment await you in the official escape book of the most successful Spanish series of the moment!

In these days of series you have surely found on Netflix with the television miniseries that stars Octavia Spencer: Self Made, or "A woman made to herself". Things have been said about her like: "We must applaud how from the beginning it deals with complicated and painful issues related to racial prejudice" (Daniel D’Addario, in Variety).

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that it tells us the true story of its protagonist, as reflected in this beautiful youth book Destino: Madam C. J. Walker creates a company.

Sarah is the first person in her family who was not born a slave. But being free doesn't mean Sarah shouldn't be working. Cook, clean, pick cotton, wash clothes and take care of children. And when she has to work, Sarah pulls her hair back. One day, it starts to fall! Instead of giving up, Sarah starts testing and mixing products and ends up inventing something better than any shampoo or oil she has tried … Thanks to this miracle product, she decides to start her own company.

In the series we see how the protagonist's ambitions advance until she builds her own empire of beauty products and becomes the first self-made millionaire. Highly recommended. 👌🏻

Violet and Finch is the original Netflix story about two very particular souls: Violet is broken. Finch is broken. Can two broken halves be rebuilt?

This is the story of a girl who learns to live from a boy who intends to die, from two young people who meet and stop counting the days … to start living them. On the screen we will see the faces of Elle Fanning and Justice Smith embarking on a cathartic journey through the landscapes of Indiana.

And if after letting yourself be carried away by these young people you feel like digging deeper into their relationship, do not miss the official book of the film that they bring us from youth: Violet and Finchby Jennifer Niven. It will make you believe in the power of love and the possibility of resurrection even for the most broken souls.

And we leave the field of emotions to enter a hard, violent story, the case of Jimmy Hoffa that we can enjoy on Netflix with a trio of aces at the helm: Martin Scorsese. Robert De Niro, Al Pacino. Haven't seen the movie yet the Irish? Well, this confinement does not pass without you having done it because it is a 10.

But we cannot fail to recommend that you first read the book from which it is inspired: The Irish. Jimmy Hoffa. Case closed (You have it in Criticism, with the good work of Charles Brandt). What is its history?

Better known as "the Irishman," Frank Sheeran was a hitman responsible for more than 25 murders, including that of Jimmy Hoffa, the powerful boss of the truckers union who used his millionaire pension fund to do business with the Mafia and who disappeared in 1975. The FBI failed to resolve the case until Sheeran himself, already on his deathbed, pleaded guilty.

The author of this book, Charles Brandt, spent five years following Sheeran. This is the fruit of the hundreds of hours of recording of their conversations and the investigation that was carried out, which ended up linking the hired killer and Hoffa with none other than the Kennedy family. If you fancy a story that does not leave you or get up from the sofa, you cannot miss this great book.

And to soften the atmosphere a bit, we now go with nobler sentiments such as those exuded by Jenny Han's literature, an international phenomenon that has already caught thousands of readers. And there is no lack of reasons.

In the trilogy that opened with To all the boys I fell in love with We discovered Lara Jean, a girl who is enjoying the best year of her life: she is going to graduate, she is completely in love with her boyfriend Peter, her father is about to remarry and Margot will return home in summer just in time to attend to the wedding.

But on the horizon changes are coming … And while Lara Jean has fun helping in the preparations for the wedding, she can't help but think that she will have to make decisions very soon. You have to choose a university, and that can turn your relationship with Peter upside down …

We will discover Lara Jean's next steps in the equally delicious books P.S. I still love you and Forever, Lara Jean. On Netflix we can already enjoy the films that correspond to the first and the second part of the Jenny Han trilogy, which have become a phenomenon for the platform. So we invite you to join the emotional journey of Lara Jean.

And we couldn't forget the classics, of course. We come to the end of this post citing jewelry like The Miserables, both in Tom Hooper's magnificent film adaptation (2012) With that wonderful shot-sequence of Anne Hathaway! as in the version to enjoy in series that the BBC gives us and that these days we are being able to see on Movistar +, Rakuten TV and Prime Video. Of course, if you are faithful to the book do not miss the beautiful edition that they offer us in Austral. It will be one of those titles that you never tire of seeing in your bookstore how beautiful they are. 🤩

Continuing with the stories of the period, it goes without saying that for nothing in the world we will lose ourselves to Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester. If you have already read the magnificent book that Charlotte Brontë wrote, what are you waiting for to devour the series? (awaits you on Prime Video, Filmin, Fubo TV). And if you still want more of this plot, in 2011 Cary Joji Fukunaga paid him a very special tribute adapted to the big screen. Has anyone said popcorn?

With the following proposal, yes, better put the popcorn aside because they will fly out of a scare. Dracula. A title undoubtedly linked to that of its creator Bram Stoker. If you have not yet put your teeth into this classic of classics, Austral's companions have made a very careful version that will make you move smoothly towards Transylvania. If you prefer the more visual experience, we highly recommend the series (available on Netflix, RakutenTV, Microsoft Store and Atresplayer) because it will create a very very special atmosphere in your home. So much so that you won't even want to leave it. 😎

With all these proposals we hope that yours is a confinement of a movie! Or serial! Without forgetting that we owe all this to our beloved books, the wonderful seed many times of those phenomena that are now part of popular culture. And if you are left wanting to savor more readings, Our selection of literature and cinema awaits you!

#KeepReadingEnCasa 🏡📖

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Thomas Piketty is the author of Capital and Ideology (Deusto, 2019)

Is the Covid-19 epidemic crisis going to precipitate the end of liberal and mercantile globalization, and the emergence of a new model of more just and sustainable development? It is possible, but nothing is decided.

At the moment, the absolute urgency is to take action on the crisis and do everything possible to avoid the worst, a mass catastrophe.

Recall the predictions of epidemiological models. Without intervention, the Covid-19 could have caused the death of some 40 million people in the world, of which 400,000 in France, about 0.6% of the population (more than 7,000 million people in the world, close 70 million in France). This equates to almost a year of additional mortality (550,000 deaths annually in France, 55 million worldwide).

In practice, in the worst affected regions and during the harshest months, the number of deaths could have been between five and ten times higher than usual (which unfortunately has begun to be seen in some areas of Italy).

However uncertain these predictions are, they have convinced governments that it was not a simple flu and that the population needed to be confined urgently.

In fact, nobody knows very well what the human losses will be (as of April 19, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, the number of deaths worldwide amounted to 165,903 people, of whom 40,661 in the US, 23,660 in Italy, 20,453 in Spain and 19,718 in France) and how far they would have risen without confinement.

Epidemiologists expect the final death balance to be divided by ten to twenty compared to initial estimates, but the uncertainty is considerable. According to a report published by Imperial College on March 27, only a massive policy of testing and isolating infected people would significantly reduce human loss. Or, in other words, confinement will not be enough to avoid the worst.

The only historical precedent to hold onto is the 1918-1920 flu, which is now known to be nothing Spanish and caused nearly 50 million deaths worldwide (about 2% of the world's population in that moment). Based on statistics from civil registries, the average mortality has been shown to hide enormous disparities: between 0.5% and 1% in the United States and Europe, compared to 3% in Indonesia and South Africa, and more than 5% in India.

It is precisely this that should concern us: the epidemic could explode in poor countries, whose health systems are not in a position to cope with the crisis, all the more since they have had to endure austerity policies imposed by the dominant ideology of The last decades.

Likewise, the confinement applied to the most fragile social groups could be totally inadequate. In the absence of a minimum income, the poorest will soon have to go out and look for work, which will bring out the epidemic. In India, confinement has consisted mainly of expelling rural people and migrants from cities, which has led to episodes of violence and mass displacement, at the risk of aggravating the spread of the virus. To avoid a catastrophe, we need the social state, not the prison state.

In the immediate term, essential social expenses (health, minimum income) can only be financed through loans and liquidity.

In West Africa, it is an opportunity to rethink the new common currency and put it at the service of a development project focused on investment in youth and infrastructure (not at the service of capital mobility for the richest). This will have to be done on a democratic and parliamentary architecture more accurate than the opacity still in force in the euro zone (where the meetings of the finance ministers continue to be held behind closed doors, with the same inefficiency as at the time of the international financial crisis) .

Sooner rather than later, the new social state will demand fair taxation and international financial accounting, so that the richest people and large companies can contribute as much as necessary.

The current regime of free movement of capital, launched from 1980-1990 under the influence of wealthy countries (particularly Europe), actually favors the evasion of billionaires and multinationals from around the world. It prevents fragile tax administrations in poor countries from developing fair and legitimate taxation, which seriously undermines state building.

This crisis may be an opportunity to reflect on a minimum provision of health and education services for all the inhabitants of the planet, financed with a universal right – of all countries – on a part of the tax revenues paid by the most prosperous economic agents. : large companies and households with higher incomes and assets; for example, those that exceed ten times the world average (the richest 1%).

Ultimately, that prosperity is due to a global economic system (and eventually to the rampant exploitation of the world's natural and human resources for several centuries). Therefore, it needs global regulation to guarantee its social and ecological sustainability, including in particular the implementation of a carbon emissions map that prohibits the highest emissions.

It goes without saying that such a transformation needs a major rethink. For example, are Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump willing to cancel the tax gifts granted to the wealthiest at the start of their respective terms? The answer will depend on the mobilization of both the opposition and their own camp. We can be sure of one thing: the great political and ideological changes have only just begun.

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This Sant Jordi / Book Day will not be the same. But we will try to make it look pretty. Here is our presentation schedule. Esperamos We are waiting for you!


11:30. Interview with Arturo González Campos (Marvel, how beautiful you are) Multiplatform event from the web and networks at https://www.planetadelibros.com/

18:00. Carlos Sisí (Red, The Walkers). With the participation of its editor, Vicky Hidalgo. From the Instagram Live of EDICIONES MINOTAURO

Comic Planet

12:00. Toni Fejzula (Homeland). With the participation of Claudio Stassi From the Instagram Live of Fejzula.

five pm. Sara Soler (In the Dark, Planet Manga). With the participation of Santi Casas (Planeta Manga, Red Sonja). From the Instagram Live of to usually do.

18:00. Claudio Stassi (The City of wonders). With the participation of Juan Royo (ACDC). From Stassi's Instagram Live.

More presentations here

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