About thirty insurers associated with the Insurance Business Association (UNESPA) He has participated in the second edition of the educational program "El riesgo y yo". In this way, UNESPA and the Junior Achievement Foundation consolidate their collaboration in financial education. This initiative is framed within We are Safe and responds to the continuous desire of the insurance sector to communicate better with society, and reinforces its commitment to education and personal development of the youngest.

The financial education program has counted in this edition with the participation of 182 volunteers from 30 insurers. These professionals have taught 117 training programs to 2,700 students from 15 to 17 years old (4th of ESO and Baccalaureate) in educational centers in 23 Spanish cities. The talks have been given throughout the third quarter of the school calendar.

This second edition has achieved greater involvement on the part of the insurance sector. Last year, 19 insurers with 76 educational programs participated in 'El riesgo y yo'. This reinforces the promotion of the insurance culture and prevention. The program consists of four one-hour training sessions dedicated to encouraging students to reflect on the importance of managing and preventing risk, as well as the advantages of knowing the attitudes linked to it.

The topics addressed by 'Risk and I' are these: 1) What is risk ?, 2) Our emotions against risk, 3) We prevent risk, 4) Mutualization: collaborating we all win. The program is based on the 'Learning by doing' methodology of the Junior Achievement Foundation and combines informative content and practical activities. The initiative has as aim to make young people aware of the risks to which they are exposed in their day to day, as well as familiarize them with the tools that exist to avoid their adverse effects. The program will work in a special way to acquire skills so that students learn to prevent risk and manage it in everyday situations.

Through this training and awareness program, UNESPA and its partners want to contribute to the learning of tools that help young people to make prudent and accurate decisions, as well as to train as socially responsible citizens.

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