04-09-2020 | Cs

The GPCs deputy spokesman highlights that the liberal party has managed to start the government in a negotiation that the rules can be processed by an emergency procedure that admits to including m

The deputy spokesman for the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, has warned the Government that "the self-employed" feel "abandoned" by the measures approved by the Executive and has proposed to waive the April quota and a flat rate upon leaving the health crisis. Bal has also asked the Executive to, in the approved measures, "discriminate according to the size of the company because each one has a different financial muscle."

Bal has highlighted that Ciudadanos (Cs) has managed to wrest the Government through a negotiation that the decrees are processed as Drafts of the Law due to the urgent process, which will allow the opposition to introduce improvements to the texts. In addition, the liberal formation has also achieved through negotiation that the moratorium is extended to all taxes and limits and requirements are eliminated; the suspension of the filing of the quarterly tax assessment for the self-employed and SMEs; and the reduction in the social contributions of the companies affected by the compulsory permit, among other measures.

In the plenary session of Congress that has debated the Royal Decree-Laws presented by the Executive to face the Covid-19 crisis, the deputy spokesman for the liberal formation in the Lower House has insisted on the responsible opposition of Cs, which offers "pragmatism, dialogue and consensus". "We want to dispense with ideology and take them to the management of problems, use moderation and not populist formulas," said Bal.

Regarding the decree on social and economic measures (RDL 11/2020), Bal has warned that "he is late" and that "he could be more ambitious", but has acknowledged that he is "satisfied" because the Government has introduced improvements proposed by Cs, as the protection of temporary workers or the extension of the mortgage moratorium. "We are a useful party and that is why we prefer to collaborate in the improvement of the norm," said the deputy spokesman for the GPCs, who asked if the government has something against the self-employed as it does not help them in this crisis.

In the case of decrees relating to labor measures (RDL 9/2020) and recoverable paid leave (10/2020), the GPCs deputy spokesman has offered "unity" to the Government "if it looks at the political center." Bal has regretted that the Executive uses the norm on labor measures to include "ideology taking advantage of the pandemic." "They deceive the workers because they have not prohibited the employers from firing them, but only by firing them with 22 days, but they can do it with 33 days and choose compensation, a measure that does not matter to the large company and affects the small one and the self-employed ", has criticized the deputy spokesman for Cs in Congress.

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