10-19-2020 | Cs

The deputy spokesperson for Cs in Congress has assured that the reform of the CGPJ proposed by PSOE and United We Can is 'an infamy and a legal aberration in the midst of a pandemic'

"While Vox raises an inappropriate and partisan motion of censure, Cs proposes an audit on the management of Covid-19 in order not to repeat mistakes," said the deputy spokesman for Ciudadanos (Cs) in Congress, Edmundo Bal, who recalled that the orange formation is committed to “utility, the outstretched and demanding hand that wants union and responsibility”. "Let us think about the solutions to the problems of the Spaniards, on Wednesday in the Senate my group takes an initiative to establish an independent audit of how the pandemic crisis has been managed." And he adds that "this is what is useful, which makes my party think about this and not about Vox's motion of censure."

The deputy of the liberal party has expressed that the reform of the system of election of the members of the CGPJ proposed by PSOE and United We Can is "an infamy and a legal aberration in the middle of the pandemic" that "leaves the judiciary in the hands of those who want that Spain is doing badly ”. Bal has taken the opportunity to recall that "the dilemma posed by the PSOE is false", since "we present a bill to reform the judiciary to establish a democratic election system and by direct suffrage." "A system in which all judicial associations coincide, also subject to a pronouncement by the European association of judges and magistrates," he stressed. “The Government is providing tools so that, what we call frugal countries, can activate the emergency brake and deny aid to Spain. This comes in article 7 of the EU treaty, democratic conditionality ”.

Likewise, Bal has referred to the need for "objective, scientific and equal criteria for all of Spain" in relation to the fight against the pandemic, and adds that the objective is "to get to Christmas in green and families can meet peacefully and our businessmen run a good campaign ”. "Accept and assume those European criteria to establish tourist corridors between European countries that are in the green," he said.

The orange party spokesman also wanted to send a message of encouragement and remembrance on World Breast Cancer Day to "all those women who fight every day"; recalling "the importance of prevention and early diagnosis."

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