Presentación del libro de Leopoldo López "Cuando se tiene un hijo".

Holders of his intervention:

  1. He says that the Popular Party "will not rest in Spain or in Europe until Maduro and his cohort are tried for crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court in The Hague."

  2. "The PP will fight for the EU to lead the blockade of assets that, at the cost of your oppression, arrive in Spain, sometimes in suitcases and sometimes in private planes," he laments.

  3. Underlines that the PP will continue denouncing what the Government of Pedro Sánchez does and demanding all the corresponding responsibilities. "The plot of Ábalos in Barajas receiving the vice president of the dictatorship of Maduro cannot be hidden with smoke screens or campaigns of lies," he says.

  4. He criticizes the “lack of credibility of the Government” with a president, Pedro Sánchez, “who does not even deign to receive Juan Guaidó and allows Maduro's number two to walk through the Spanish territory, jumping into the bullfight the sanctions to the regime agreed by The EU".

  5. He accuses the Government of "being a prisoner of sectarianism and political and moral equidistance that has baffled our partners in Europe and that is determined to damage our relations with the United States and the rest of the world's democracies."

  6. Advances that the Maduro regime considers that "its end will come soon" and that this is "bad news for some in Spain because then we will know what they have been doing."

  7. He believes that, "sooner rather than later," the nature of the links between the Ministers of Podemos and Latin American dictatorships will be discovered.

  8. He affirms that it is an "honor" to present this book because "the cause of Venezuela is the cause of all and Leopoldo López is his great ambassador throughout the world."

  9. He describes Leopoldo López as "compatriot" because now Venezuela is "much more than a sister nation, it is the other country."

  10. Recognize the "bravery" of Lilian Tintori and all Venezuelan women "so admirable." "Your courage is the wall in front of the Maduro satrap and together we will get that regime to fall," he says.

  11. Underlines the "chilling" report of the United Nations that has shaped the torture, murder and exile of millions of people fleeing hunger, misery and oppression.

  12. He says that the situation in Venezuela "is not a fleeting controversy but the currency of the Democrats of the entire world and the flag of justice of the free world."

  13. Stresses that Leopoldo López Jr. has become a "universal reference" and an "icon" for choosing the path of struggle and for his heroism.

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