Chiclana, October 20, 2020. – The team of VOX Chiclana report the serious deterioration presented by the forest masses of our locality, which show a deserted and bleak landscape, full of garbage and waste.

In many cases, abandoned lots become true outdoor landfills, without the successive government teams having been able to solve the environmental impact of neglect a natural space that is a green lung for Chiclana.

From VOX Chiclana we alert the fire hazard that this abandonment entails, especially in times of high temperatures, in addition to being a breeding ground for pests.

For all this we demand that the local government take action on the matter, assume your responsibilities and carry out the urgent cleaning and tidying up of our pine forests.

Likewise, from VOX Chiclana we believe that they should also carry out awareness campaigns so that the population becomes aware of the care and conservation of natural heritage, something that belongs to everyone.

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