Cuca Gamarra en rueda de prensa tras reunirse con el sector educativo en Palma

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group today registered the request for an urgent appearance before the Congress of Deputies of the Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, to explain "what planning is being developed for the 2020-2021 school year, when its start is about to begin. around the corner "

Cuca Gamarra emphasizes that "going back to the classroom is the current concern of Spaniards and constitutes the cornerstone of the system, because it not only affects education, but also the conciliation that guarantees economic reactivation." Therefore, he demands seriousness, rigor and trust from the Executive.

He regrets that Spaniards "find more questions than answers, due to the lack of leadership of the Prime Minister, which is generating uncertainty and unease."

He remarks that all students must have a quality education and the right to "not miss the course due to the incompetence of a president of the Government who is missing" and asks Pedro Sánchez to "get out of the hammock in which he is sheltered and start to work now; He can't go on vacation for another minute ”.

He also calls on the Executive to advance the Conference of Presidents “because there cannot be 17 different plans; the Government must coordinate and establish clear protocols ”.

"The Government suspended in June, it has not done its homework in the summer and now it is suspending it again because it is late and wrong," he concludes.

Finally, the parliamentary spokesperson for the Popular Party has called for the resignation or immediate dismissal of Vice President Pablo Iglesias: “He cannot be another minute in government after the Prosecutor's Office of the Court of Accounts has seen evidence of crime in the financing of We can; Sánchez cannot allow Iglesias to continue in the Spanish government when corruption is cornering him ”.

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