The Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, has met with the president of the National Court, José Ramón Navarro; the dean judge of this body, Santiago Pedraz; and the magistrate of the Central Court of Instruction 3, María Tardón; to identify lines of work that will strengthen the actions of Justice in the Campo de Gibraltar and expedite the investigation and prosecution of causes related to drug trafficking and money laundering.

It is about responding to the needs of the courts and prosecutors of this region of Cádiz that have registered a significant increase in matters due to the increase in judicial interventions and the State Security Forces and Bodies against organized crime in the area, derived from the start-up of the Comprehensive Plan for the Campo de Gibraltar approved in November by the government.

After the meeting he held a few weeks ago with the state attorney general In relation to this same matter, Delgado today addressed the need to articulate efforts with judges and magistrates of the National Court, due to its status as a central body of the Administration of Justice with powers to investigate the commission of large-scale drug trafficking crimes in The whole national territory.

These meetings occur after the visit that Minister Delgado made on July 1 to Cádiz where met with the main judicial and tax authorities of the area to know first-hand the specific needs of the local Justice Administration and articulate the pertinent reinforcement measures that allow to face its increasing workload, as well as to promote improvements in the provision of the Justice public service in this territory .

Within the framework of the Comprehensive Plan for the Campo de Gibraltar promoted by the Government to fight crime in the Cadiz region, it is expected that in September and October the four courts approved by the Council of Ministers will enter into operation through the Royal Decree 1459/2018, of December 21 (Court of Instruction No. 5 and of the Criminal Court No. 5 of Algeciras, the Court of 1st Instance and Instruction No. 5 of the Line of Conception and the Court of 1st Instance and Instruction No. 3 of San Roque ). On the other hand, the magistrate position is already operational in the 7th section of the Provincial Court of Cádiz, based in Algeciras, which was created with this royal decree.

For the strengthening of the Prosecutor's Office, 14 new posts of 2nd category prosecutor have been enabled through the Royal Decree 255/2019, of April 12, which expands the staff of the prosecutors of Cádiz, of the provinces of Málaga, Almería and Granada, as well as those of Ceuta and Melilla. It is expected that by the end of the year these places will be filled by the prosecutors.

In addition, in support of the courts and prosecutors of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla, since last March a new headquarters of the Office of File Recovery and Management (ORGA) in charge of the location, conservation and management works in Algeciras of assets from criminal activities.

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