This has been stated in the opening of the Round Tables on Climate Change in which several Spanish Environmental Prosecutors participate together with European and Latin American colleagues that has taken place at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP25) that ends today in Madrid.

In his speech, Delgado recalled that "the right to a future sustainable environment" is not yet in international treaties and conventions. "The task of building a strong link between human rights and the ecosystem, and integrating its protection into the international system for the defense and safeguarding of those human rights," remains outstanding.

The minister has stressed that, today, there are no mechanisms to demand responsibility for the breach of international commitments on climate change and its effects. Thus, both the International Criminal Court and the European Court of Human Rights or the Inter-American Court of Human Rights "are born of international conventions that do not include any provision concerning the right to the environment or its protection", so that environmental processes are limited to the jurisdictional organs of each country.

"If we have accepted that the sanction for the most serious violations of human rights cannot be at the expense of the will or effectiveness of a country's judicial system, the most serious attacks against the ecosystem have ceased to be a national matter to become in a matter of global governance, "said Delgado.

Together with the minister, the Minister of the Environment and Urban Planning Department Antonio Vercher participated in the event. Then the colloquies have begun with the presence of Spanish Environment Prosecutors Álvaro García and Antonio Pelegrín, and their colleagues Luis Esteves (Brazil) and Rob de Rijck (Netherlands) who, together with Horst Büther (Germany), a member of the Network European for the Implementation and Application of Environmental Law (IMPEL) have debated the legal perspective of urban pollution, caused by large passenger ships or forest fires.

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