The most spectacular talents and feats of both Spain and the rest of the world come together in the pages full of unprecedented feats and extraordinary milestones of the Guinness World Records 2021.

Because we are fascinated by extraordinary stories, as good readers that we are. And that is why we cannot stop reading the anecdotes that this edition brings us. And a curiosity to start with: did you know that this year there have been 32,986 requests for feats to appear in the Guinness Book? And that around the world around 90 new records are recorded every day?

Do you want to know what awaits you in the new edition? Well take a look. 😜⤵️

Well let's get down to business and Let's see some of the most curious, bizarre and unclassifiable to celebrate World Guinness World Records Day. 😙

1) The fastest marathon dressed as a clown

Yes, this year is peculiar and has us all a little out of focus. It is not surprising then that Rafael Cros, owner of this title, has broken the record for the fastest marathon (he completed the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP marathon in 2h 42 min 56 sec) and above all wearing a uniform that is not the usual in these events.

His story? He had bought the clown costume for a bachelor party and decided to use it again to run and raise funds for a charity dedicated to helping children.

2) The largest serving of gazpacho

And if after so much running you have gotten hungry, get ready because surely your stomach won't growl after reading this record. To celebrate the designation of Almería as the 2019 Spanish Capital of Gastronomy, Unique Group He prepared 9,800 liters of gazpacho, enough to fill about 60 bathtubs. Nothing more and nothing less than 60! 😱

All that gazpacho was later served at a ceremony held in the Almadrabillas park, on June 9, and the money raised was used for charitable causes.

3) The fastest 100km open water swim

And to lose so much food, nothing better than a little sport. A little or a lot of sport, in the case of Pablo Fernandez Alvarez. On July 29, 2019, he completed the «Century Swim in the Gulf Stream», a 100 km long non-stop open water swimming event, which takes place on the coast of Jupiter, Florida, United States.

Thanks to the momentum of the Gulf Stream, Pablo was able to advance at more than 7 km / h and finish his solo effort in 12 hours, 21 minutes and 14 seconds. We better not think about our swimming speed when we are on the beach in summer. 😂

4) The highest financial prize won in a television contest

And if the previous record was an example of persistence, don't miss our fourth appointment on the list of extraordinary things. The Wolves. Do they sound familiar? Maybe not. But perhaps you are familiar with the TV contest "Boom" presented by Juanra Bonet.

Well, Los Lobos is one of the teams that has been participating in it and its members have become the winners of the largest economic prize ever won in a television contest. In addition, their talent and persistence also earned them another recognition: their more than 300 consecutive victories in as many programs also represent the highest number of consecutive victories in a television contest.

5) More pole position in major motorcycle racing awards throughout his career

And speaking of solid careers… don't think there is no place in Guinness World Records for sports. In this category stands out Marc Márquez.

The one from Cervera is the rider with the most pole position in major motorcycle racing awards throughout his career. He also adds other titles: several world records for achieving the best time on the circuit, pilot with more pole position in one season, youngest winner of a MotoGP race (20 years and 63 days), youngest MotoGP world champion (20 years and 266 days) and also the rider with the most consecutive victories in a season with a total of 10 wins. Not bad, right?

6) Most individual Grand Slam tournaments played consecutively

And if we park the motorcycle and take the racket, we have to talk about Feliciano Lopez. The tennis player from Toledo has participated in a total of 72 consecutive Grand Slam tournaments, since his debut at Roland Garros in 2002. His last participation ended in a first-round loss at the Australian Open, on January 20, 2020, and although not It is the sweetest outcome if it allows him to add a total of 72 Grand Slam in which he has participated as an individual player.

7) The human image of a bigger hamburger

Yes, it is certainly a unique challenge. And yes, it certainly requires less physical dexterity than driving a large-displacement motorcycle or playing a game of tennis … but organizing something like that has a lot of merit.

On October 14, 2019, a total of 1,047 people were placed in multi-colored layers to recreate the image of a cheeseburger in Madrid. The Spanish hamburger chain Goiko Grill was the organizer of the event, which took place during the "Goiko Games 2019", an annual meeting that the company holds to recognize the work of its employees. And you, would you see yourself doing something similar with your co-workers? 🤔

With these records it is clear that there is much to do and to discover, so we can only invite you to transfer the cover of the Guinness World Records 2021 —Brilliant too, by the way, since it's the work of the award-winning illustrator Rod hunt– and have a great time exploring the oddities and curiosities that humans are capable of.

Discover your world! ✨

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