Last Sunday VOX organized in front of the City Council of Ciudad Real its act of homage to our Magna Carta and defense of constitutional legality at the provincial level.

Attendees had to listen to how during the minutes prior to its start and during its development, the music of the Christmas carols broadcast from the Town Hall was not interrupted for a single minute.

We must emphasize that the celebration of this act had been notified in due time and form to the City Council and had the pertinent permission from the Government Sub-delegation. However, none of this prevented the municipal government team from PSOE and Ciudadanos did not show the slightest respect for the reading of the articles of the Constitution that was carried out not even because of the denunciation of the threats that our constitutional text is suffering and that tried to drown out the voice of the representatives of VOX: Ricardo Chamorro, national deputy for our province and Luis Blázquez, councilor of the City Council of Ciudad Real.

If the attacks of the social-communist government of Madrid against our Constitution are worrisome, the obstacles and impediments that their co-religionists put in the City Council when it comes to making a simple of the articles of the Magna Carta that in VOX's opinion are being seen are worrying. threatened, yes, camouflaged in the form of Christmas carols; since for the left any medium is good as long as it tries to silence the voice of all of us who do not think like them.

From VOX Ciudad Real we demand the pertinent explanations about the fact that the music of the Christmas carols ceased minutes after the end of our act.

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