Grande-Marlaska and Lamorgese highlight the common points regarding the interior of Spain and Italy

The ministers recalled the importance of the collaboration of the member states of the European Union with the countries of origin and transit, requesting that the European Union (EU) establish a true partnership with Africa focused on development and well-being.

Both leaders have also agreed on the need for a common and consensual approach to the reform of migration and asylum policies. In this regard, they have pointed out that the proposal of a Spanish-Italian joint document that is currently working with the rest of the Mediterranean partners is a good starting point that highlights the challenges of the Southern States.

Grande-Marlaska and Luciana Lamorgese have stressed the importance of broadening the search for common elements to other countries and stressed the need to carry out awareness-raising work so that the equitable sharing of responsibility becomes a reality.

In this regard, the need to overcome the principle of responsibility of the country of first entry has been put on the table while promoting solidarity between Member States, one of the founding principles of the European Union and which is contained in the Article 80 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU.

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